About Abu Dhabi mainland

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is the largest Emirates in the area. Abu Dhabi is the most strengthened Emirates and has an amazing infrastructure for aiding all kinds of businesses. It is a leading city with a rich history. This culture has a great culture and history that makes it a central spot for businesses.

Creating an Abu Dhabi mainland company is an exceptional choice for investors and entrepreneurs globally. Over the years Abu Dubai has changed into a rapidly growing economy in the world. The Dubai government completely supports and aids in the city's advancement and development and therefore makes it the perfect spot for businesses.

Arab Business Consultant has a team of experts who would go through your establishment process, fulfill all your requirements, and incorporate local sponsorship, business address verification, DED registration, suitable office spaces, needed approvals, notarized MOA, and all other required steps. We aim to successfully register your company and issue your business the right license.

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Benefits of business setup in Abu Dhabi mainland

Here are the major benefits of setting up your business in Abu Dhabi mainland as follows:

100% foreign ownership

No personal or corporate tax

No annual audits

You can trade anywhere in the UAE

No minimal capital requirements for mainland company

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Having affordable places to set up offices

Why choose Arab Business Consultant for your business setup in Abu Dhabi mainland

Forming a business setup in Abu Dhabi, specifically on the mainland needs an in-depth understanding of cultural nuances, local regulations, and business practices. Arab Business Consultant is a skilled business consultant who believes in guiding and navigating you throughout the process. Our team of experts holds language proficiency, cultural insights, and sensitivity, establishing networks and connections, expertise in local regulations, and tailored solutions, and you will get complete credibility and trust.

Types of Abu Dhabi Mainland license for business

Below we have mentioned the kinds of business licenses in the Abu Dhabi mainland.

  • Craftsmanship License
  • Commercial License in Abu Dhabi
  • Tourism License
  • Agricultural License
  • Professional License in Abu Dhabi
  • Industrial License in Abu Dhabi
  • Working Steps

    How to do a mainland company formation in Abu Dhabi

    Here are the key steps to follow for Abu Dhabi Mainland Company formation

    Step 1

    Determine your correct business type of business activity

    Step 2

    Choose your ownership structure

    Step 3

    Register your trade name

    Step 4

    Get initial approvals

    Step 5

    Register your business licenses

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    Documents required

    Here are the necessary documents mentioned that are needed for getting a Dubai mainland trade license as follows:

    Receipt of your initial approvals
    Formerly submitted documents
    Copy of your lease agreement should be attested by RFRA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency)
    Attested MOA (Memorandum of Association)
    All the necessary from the government authorities
    Attestation of your local sponsor in the UAE contact details

    Arab Business Consultant is here for your company setup in the Abu Dhabi mainland you will get smooth and seamless work done from our end. We hold a team of experts who have the knowledge of cultural insights, language proficiency, and tailored solutions according to your business. Our local knowledge and experience will streamline your setup process and elevate the risk.