5 Ideas for Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

The Dubai Mainland has infinite business opportunities for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and businesses across the world. Companies located in Dubai mainland have access to over one billion audiences from the neighboring countries in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe. It boasts an investor-friendly market with progressive business policies.

If you are planning to set up a company in Dubai mainland and wondering what business activities can give you an edge in its competitive landscape, here are a few ideas enlisted for you.

1. Accounting and Bookkeeping

The number of small businesses and startups in Dubai is very high and growing rapidly. On top of that, the UAE introduced VAT a couple of years ago that requires businesses to register, evaluate revenue, maintain financial records, and file returns accordingly. As such, the demand for companies that offer accounting and bookkeeping services is even greater in Dubai.

  • Information Technology

Dubai government is working on The Smart Dubai 2021 Strategy to transform it into a city where all resources are optimized for maximum efficiency and services are seamlessly integrated into daily life to provide enriched life and business experience.  As a result, Dubai is becoming the first choice for tech-based startups.


The city is equipped with state-of-the-art hubs that provide smart infrastructure and amenities for businesses that focus on intelligent technologies.

  • Apparel and Fashion



In this industry, you have several options, such as tailoring, cloth designing, costume rental, and import/export. Make sure that you choose a location that caters to such businesses.

  • Advertising and Brand Development


Arab Business Consultant

With the sheer number of company setups in Dubai, the demand for advertisers and brand development service providers is also skyrocketing. The advertising industry, specifically digital media, is showing signs of tremendous growth in the environment of Dubai mainland. Right from media buying, and event management to consultancy and brand development, there are several opportunities to consider in this industry.

  • E-Commerce Business


According to Gulf News, online shoppers in the UAE spend between $3.5 billion and $4 billion a year, and the number is expected to get only bigger. The best thing about this business domain is that it’s easy to get involved in and earn money. You can easily establish your eCommerce business in Dubai and run it from anywhere in the world while having a permanent UAE-based address and benefiting from its tax-friendly environment.

Dubai mainland allows startup owners, entrepreneurs, and millennials to choose from a huge range of business activities. Apart from the above business activities, you can also think about logistics, recruitment agency, construction services, travel agency, clinics, cleaning services, restaurants, cafes, beauty salon, security services, filmmaking, nightclub, day care services, and food trading, and so on. The opportunities in Dubai are umpteen. To learn more about different business activities for Dubai mainland company setup, get in touch with us.