5 Steps to Follow to Find the Best Office Space for Rent in Dubai

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Right off the bat; it must be noted that having an office space is mandatory for running a legitimate business in Dubai. While the idea of a virtual office space may seem more convenient for many businesses that conduct almost all business operations online; Dubai authorities require that business in Dubai have a physical address to ensure proper inspections of business operations and practices, as and when required.

Keeping aside the mandatory nature of deciding upon an office space for rent in Dubai for any business; let’s do a quick run-through of the smart steps to go through while deciding upon the best office rental space in this Emirate of the UAE.

Step One – Know Your Options
When on a quest for the perfect office space for rent in Dubai; it’s best to know your options and arrive at a decision based on your business type. Based on the nature of your business operations; you may choose to rent a…

  • A workstation or multiple workstations at a Business Center or Open-Plan Office Facility in Dubai.
  • An office facility with an attached warehouse space
  • Fitted-Out Office Spaces
  • Core Premises

Step Two – Know Dubai’s Commercial Hotspots
Certain zones within mainland Dubai, are truly the commercial hotspots of this Emirate, and as such; these zones are known for their connectivity, infrastructure, and proximity to all business services. Some of these popular zones are the World Trade Center Zone, Sheikh Zayed Road, and Dubai International Finance Center, which are the major commercialized areas in Dubai. The demand for an office space for rent in Dubai, in these specific locations, is quite high, and as such; rents are likely to be high for businesses hoping to setup a base in these areas.

Step Three – Match Your Business with a Dedicated Commercial Hub to Setup Office Space
Dubai is well-known for dedicated free zones and commercial hubs for specific business types. As such many businesses in Dubai choose to set up bases in these dedicated zones for added convenience. Dubai Internet City, Media City, Healthcare City, and Sports City are popular examples of dedicated commercial hubs for corresponding industry types.

Step Four – Complete all Legalities for Office Space Rental
When you have finally decided upon the perfect office space for rent in Dubai; it is mandatory that you complete all legalities for office space rental. Arriving at a deal usually requires paying a deposit which ensures that the property is set aside for you till a rental agreement is drawn up. While drawing up the rental agreement and before signing on the dotted line; ensure that you run everything by a Dubai-based consultant to guarantee complete legitimacy of your rental agreement. Based on your office rental agreement; you will qualify for business licensing.

Step Five – Hire the Services of a Business Consultant
Dubai business experts such as Arab Business Consultant are very likely to be the specialists you need to facilitate the process of finding the best rental office space in Dubai and to ensure that you can comfortably setup base in a commercial hub of your choice. To know more; head to Arabbusinessconsultant.com.