Assisting your Business in Mainland Company Set Up

Starting a business in the UAE? Need help with your startup? Turn to Arab Business Consultant (ABC), a professional specialized business and marketing consultancy that can ease out your strain in establishing a first-time startup in the country. The company has numerous services to assist you in Mainland Company set up in Dubai and Abu Dhabi mainland as well as in the various Free Zones in the country.

How to go about setting up a company in the mainland?
Mainland Company set up has an added advantage of strategic location. There are two mainland’s in the UAE where you can choose to start your business – Dubai Mainland and Abu Dhabi mainland. You may decide to set up your business on any of the two mainland’s and the business and marketing consulting company would be right there as your partner to guide you through the entire process smoothly.

Here are a few easy steps you need to follow to set up your business in the UAE mainland’s:

  • Obtain a trade license to operate in the mainland
  • Search for an affordable and comfortable office space anywhere in the mainland region to start operating your business
  • Create a company website for your business to enhance your online presence in the UAE market
  • Hire a PRO service for marketing and promotional activities

The good news is that consulting companies in the UAE can help you with all of the above and many more activities usually involved in Mainland Company set up. Let’s see in the following section how.

How you can find help in setting up your startup?
Hiring the services of professionals who are experts in the field of business and marketing consulting for companies in UAE is always a good idea for the growth and expansion of your business. Not just startups in the UAE mainland but also well-established firms need consultancy services to decide on their future strategies to find a firm footing in the country.

The main advantage of hiring a consultancy for Mainland Company set up in the UAE is that all your essential tasks required to setup your business can be completed in nearly half the cost! You can get your business started in only AED 8500 and even get an official website up and running in just AED 1500. What’s more, the payment options are flexible, offering you the convenience to pay even afterward. Starting a business in UAE couldn’t get simpler than this.

There may be certain specific requirements for setting up a company in Dubai mainland and Abu Dhabi mainland areas. Your consulting partner can take care of all those specifications for you without having you to worry about a single penny or even the smallest tasks to be performed. All you need to do is just make up your mind about starting a business in the UAE for a brighter future in the Arab world. Then sit back and relax to enjoy the numerous benefits of handing over all your to-do tasks and its associated stress to your consultancy, your partner in your business startup journey in the UAE.