Be the Boss of Your Own Dreams with Dubai Employment Visa

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Situated in the Middle East on the Persian Gulf, the United Arab Emirates is basically a federation of seven states that are floating in the ocean off opportunities. The oil reserves in the UAE are the seventh-largest in the world, and the quality of life, along with the booming economic growth makes it a prominent name among the several developed nations of the world. This makes UAE an irresistible destination for jobseekers.

You can get a handful of jobs in the field of construction, oil and natural gas, banking and finance service industry including tourism and many other job opportunities for the blue-collar as well as white-collar workers and so Dubai employment visa has turned out to be one of the most wanted Visas among all other visas currently.

Steps to get an employment Visa in Dubai
Well, getting a Dubai employment Visa is actually easier than getting any other Visa for the United Arab Emirates. The process is just like other visa procedures with a pinch of exceptionality in it. Here are the steps that you have to go through if you are applying for an employment visa in Dubai. Go through it!

  • Firstly you have to apply for employment in Dubai before you decide to move. This will simplify the entire visa process, and you can get authentication by the employer as well.
  • Once you have an employment opportunity and accept a position, you can begin the visa process. You can always submit the initial paperwork to the MOHRE, and the beginning process may take somewhere around two to three weeks.
  • Complete the necessary paperwork required for Dubai work Visas. The documents and materials may include your basic personal details, passport size photographs, your credentials, offer letter, and much more.
  • Lastly, submit the paperwork and wait for your Visa to get sanctioned.

Additional tips for working in the UAE
Here are some additional rules to suffice your Dubai employment visa to get you a job in the UAE. Go through some of these!

  • For one, you need to have a valid passport and an employment offer from a business in Dubai.
  • Your passport should be at least valid for tenure of 6 months.
  • Your passport shouldn’t have any record of a visit to Israel in the near or far past.
  • If you have your spouse accompanying you, then you should surely show your marriage certificate.
  • All of your credentials and qualifications present in the documented form.
  • If you wish to or are about to work under the professional subcategory of the Dubai employment visa then know that the permit for employment is valid for a 30 day-stay from the entry date.

The bottom line
Dreaming about working and living in the city of Gold? Are you trying hard to get a Dubai Employment visa and are still failing miserably? If yes, then Arab Business Consultant can always be there for your rescue. Shape your career in this futuristic city and earn name and glory. Employment is in abundance in Dubai and so don’t step back for a visa while the opportunities are knocking at your door.