Business Setup in Dubai Cost

Business Setup in Dubai Cost

What is the Business setup in Dubai Cost for Mainland Companies

When it comes to company formation, Dubai features on the top of the priority list for companies for across the world. Now, one of the most important things that you need to consider is the Business setup in Dubai Cost. In the following article, we are going to take a look at the Business setup in Dubai cost for forming a mainland companies

Cost For Dubai Mainland Company Formation described briefly:

Preliminary Approval + Tasheel from DED – AED 220

The Department of Economic Development (DED) of the UAE allows you to commence your business operations immediately after giving its approval. They charge a fee which is nominal which lets you start your business operations for a maximum of 6 months. Within those 6 months, you can complete the other requirements and documentation associated with the business setup in Dubai.

Fees for the reservation and approval of trade name (one-time cost) – AED 620

The Trade name of your company is the name under which you will be running our business. The cost may differ depending on the nature as well as the demand of the name you wish to take up for your company. To register the trade name, you would need to pay the following fees which would add to your business setup in Dubai cost:

  • Reservation Fees
  • Commercial Name Fees
  • Foreign Name Fees etc.

The cost for registering the trade name for your business is a one-time cost and may vary depending on various factors.

Office rent (yearly cost) – Cost Varies

Renting a physical workplace for a Mainland company is essential requirement. The rent would add up to your business setup in Dubai cost. This gives the authorities assurance that the organization is indeed legitimate and is following all the immigration laws. The rent of the office space, in most cases, is a yearly cost

Attestation MOA fee (one-time cost) – AED 1800

This is a one-time business setup in Dubai cost. It is done amongst the associates/shareholders of your company. The fee can vary as it depends on the share investment.

Drafting the Memorandum of Agreement in English and Arabic (one-time cost)

The MOA is a legally binding arrangement and it details the arrangement of the business setup with the mutual consent of all the partners involved. This agreement needs to be prepared in Arabic in addition to English. Therefore, you need to get it translated. This is also an addition to the business setup in Dubai cost.

DED registration fee (one-time cost)

This is another additional business setup in Dubai cost. The Department of Economic Development (DED) will charge a one-time nominal fee to register your company

Mainland Trade License fee (one-time cost)

This is a one-time business setup in Dubai cost. The charges may vary depending on the business activity you are to conduct. Sometimes, a security deposit is also required along with the mainland trade license fee.

Cost for a Commercial License in Dubai/Tejari Fees (yearly cost)

This is a yearly business setup in Dubai cost which allows your company to conduct commercial activities

Chamber of Commerce Fee (yearly cost)

This is the fee which has to be paid to the Chamber of Commerce of the Emirate every year. The cost depends on the type of business.

Fee for Commercial Services Improvement (Yearly Cost):

This is an annual Business setup in Dubai cost which is to be paid to the governmental departments for improvement works done on infrastructure.

Administrative services fee (one-time)

This is a one-time fee and it is charged for all the paperwork carried out by the department.

Other important Business setup cost in Dubai cost you need to account for are given below:

  1. A small percentage of the rental amount of the premises is to be paid to the government. If you have an office or a shop, the government charges 5% of the rental amount. In case of warehouses, 20% of the rental amount is payable to the government.
  2. Other additional expenses may occur, depending on the nature of your business and its activities.

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