DMCC Free Zone: The Best to Setup a Trading Business in Dubai

Dubai has become a haven for investors and entrepreneurs who enjoy numerous facilities and growth opportunities. One of the highly coveted free zones in the city is DMCC, which is the perfect destination for trading and business activities. Read further to learn why DMCC could be the right choice for you.

Dubai has become a thriving business hub, and investors from around the world come to the country to invest in businesses for optimal growth and expansion. Dubai allows investors and entrepreneurs to establish a business in mainland, where they need to have a local sponsor, who will enjoy 51% partnership. Or, they can enjoy sole ownership rights if they set up their venture in free zones.

DMCC Free zone

The city has 30 free zones and each one caters to different types of business. If you are in the commodity business, you should take a closer look at DMCC, or Dubai Multi Commodity Centre. This free zone was established in 2002 and functions as a commodity marketplace with over 12,000 global companies, startups and SMEs.

Why Should You Opt for DMCC?

You will be amazed to learn that setting up a business in DMCC comes with numerous benefits. To start, you should be aware that the Financial Times FDI Magazine judged Dubai Multi Commodity Centre as the best free zone for trading and business-related activities in 2015 and 2016. This should give you assurance that you are making the right choice when it comes to free zones in Dubai.

The free zone is located in a prime location and hence, it is easy to access by different modes of transportation. In addition, it provides efficient legal and regulatory frameworks. You will enjoy peace of mind as you can avail flexible office solutions to suit the needs of your business operations.

Benefits of Setting Up Your Business at Dubai Multi Commodity Centre

If you still have doubts, here are some benefits of setting up your startup or new venture in DMCC:

  • You will enjoy 100% ownership
  • The records of the company are not available in the public domain
  • Tax information will not be shared with another country or authority
  • Your company will not have to pay income tax and import and export tax
  • Properties are available on rent or for sale at affordable costs
  • Your business can hire as many foreign workers as required without any restriction
  • Your business will not have to face any currency restriction

If you are interested in setting up your business in DMCC, you can opt for a general trading license, consultancy or service license, commercial or trading license or branch company. The license fees are affordable and do not cost a lot.

It is best to work with consultant, like Arab Business Consultant, who will work with you to ensure you choose the right license based on your business needs. In addition, the consultant will ensure you also get the necessary visas for your dependents and employees, so that you can begin your operations quickly and effortlessly.