Dubai Residence Visa Renewal

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dubai residence visa renwal

How to apply for Dubai residence visa renewal?


UAE is known as an ideal hub for business activities in the whole world. Business community is showing its keen interest of investment in the trading cities of UAE including Dubai. Dubai is a place that does not only offer business opportunities but also the employment opportunities. This is a key reason that motivates people across the globe to visit Dubai and find jobs. Generally when you visit a country in search of employment opportunities, you need to apply for the residential visa so that you can work there. So first of all you need to understand that what is residential visa?

A residence permit or visa is a document that allows a foreign citizen to stay in a country for some definite period of time. Some permits allow permanent residential facility whereas some permits are for some specific period of time. Every country has its own legal requirements regarding residential visas and generally these rules vary from country to country. Same is the case with Dubai. People who want to work in Dubai, they are provided with the residential visa for them and their families. This residential visa is generally valid for 2 to 3 years.

GCC and UAE nationals do not require this visa to work and stay in Dubai.

Usually most of the companies, who employ different workers, sponsor their residence visa.

Residence visa in Dubai is not for indefinite period of times so expats are required to apply for Dubai residence visa renewal before the expiry of their visa. Here we are going to explain that how people can apply for Dubai residence visa renewal.

How to apply for Dubai residence visa renewal:

When your visa is expiring, people are required to apply for the Dubai residence visa renewal before the expiry date hits. In case, you are staying out of Dubai due to some reason for more than six months, still there is a need to renew your visa otherwise it may be declared void.


Here are some prerequisites for the Dubai residence visa renewal which are as follow:

  • Dubai/UAE resident
  • Resident ID renewal
  • Medical certification

So after these prerequisites are met, you need to bring a set of documents to the ministry of Interior office along with your application which is required at the time of Dubai residence visa renewal. These documents are:

  • Your passport with the original visa page
  • Medical test certificate
  • Application form for renewal of residence
  • 310 AED fee
  • 2 passport sized photos
  • Resident ID application form (certified by the registration centre at the Emirates Identification Authority).

These are the necessary documents that are presented to the concerned authorities at the time of renewal. But if you are a private sector employee then you need to bring some more documents with you. These are as follow:

  • Valid trade or commercial license (copy)
  • Valid Establishment card
  • Labor card or receipt for labor card renewal (copy)

Penalties for overstaying in Dubai:

It is advisable that you should apply before time for the Dubai residence visa renewal so that you do not have to face any penalties.

When Dubai residence visa renewal is not done in time, the Ministry of Interior’s fine system penalizes the person with some fines when the grace period of your visa is finished.

Ministry of Interior applies fine of AED 25 for every single day for which a person stays in the Emirate for 180 days and after 180 days are over AED 50 fee for every day is applied during next 180 days.

Online Dubai residence visa renewal:

Usually people prefer to go to typing centers so that they can get their visas renewed as their companies ask them to renew residence visa on their own. But from the comfort of your home or office, you can fill the application as quickly as possible if you have a laptop.

With online application, use the official Emirates ID services website and get yourself registered as new user so that you can start the process. After giving phone number you will receive an OPT for verification and after that an email will be sent with randomly generated password which you can later change and use to log in to your account.

Once you are logged in:

  • Make sure that you fill all information correctly
  • Your name, ID number, expiry dates, residency fill number etc. should be double checked
  • Have all documents ready in soft copy form so that after filling the application for Dubai residence visa renewal you can upload all the documents on the web portal.
  • If you cannot complete information form in one go, save it and later come back to complete it.

What if your Dubai residence visa renewal request is turned down?

Well many people ask this very question that what will happen if Dubai residence visa renewal is turned down by the relevant ministry.

First of all you need to make sure that there are no cases filed against you in the Emirate. If you have any case filed from either credit card, real estate or from any other institution, your visa renewal request is very likely to be turned down.

Visa renewal is the discretionary power of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs so if they turn down your request, you are required to refer to a counsel in Dubai if there are no criminal charges against you and request the court to allow you to renew your visa so that you can also renew it for your family.

If court verdict goes in your favor, it will order the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs to renew your and your family’s residence visa.



So, it is evident here that Dubai residence visa renewal is extremely important if a person do not want to be penalized with fee for overstaying when the grace period gets over. This is a simple procedure which must be followed by everyone who wants to renew his/her residence visa.