Explore E-Trader License in Dubai

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E-Trader License in Dubai


Dubai is central to business innovation and entrepreneurship. In this digital age business models have transformed from conservative methods to modern methods. Dubai has quickly adapted to this method. Therefore the idea of an  E-Trader License in Dubai came up for operating your online business in Dubai. 

This E-TRADER LICENCE is an initiative that came out for small businesses that want to capitalize on the growing e-commerce market or their commercial activity.

Fundamental step guide you need to follow to gain your  E-Trader business license

Here are the crucial steps that you must follow to get your E-Trader License in Dubai.

Step 1 – Check eligibility 

Make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria for your  E-Trader License in Dubai, involving you being a resident of Dubai, completing the age requirements, and planning to start as an individual rather than as a company. 

Step 2 – Prepare Dubai  E-Trader  License requirements

  • Passport copy (if required)
  • Emirates ID copy 
  • Proof of address in Dubai (your tenancy contract, utility bill)
  • Passport sized photographs
  • Any additional documents as stated by the authorities

Step 3 – Select the business name

Choose a relevant and unique business name for your online business venture. Make sure that your name complies with the guidelines set by the Department of Economic Development (DED). 

Step 4 – register your business with DED 

You should now register your business with the Department of Economic Development (DED). fill up the application form give details about your business activities, suggest a business name, and any other needed information. Pay the required fees for the  E-Trader License in Dubai

Step 5 – application review 

Further, the Department of Economic Development (DED) will review your application. This process might consume some time and you can also track the status of your application by the online portal.

Step 6 – license issuance

Once your application gets approved you will get your DED  E-Trader License in Dubai. Ensure to comply with the add-on guidelines or regulations provided. 

 E-Trader License Dubai activities

Below you will find out the activities that are covered under the  E-Trader License.

  • Services-based businesses (such as web development, graphic designing, consulting, writing, and various other online services)
  • Selling out services or physical products by social media platforms or social platforms.
  • Selling products online( like accessories, clothing, handmade crafts, electronics, etc.)
  • Giving coaching or consulting services
  • Offering digital marketing services
  • Forming and giving online courses or educational material 
  • Selling any other digital products


The E-Trading License or  E-Trader License in Dubai showcases the important step on the way to embracing the digital economy and authorizing entrepreneurs to thrive in the online marketplace.

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