Expert Business Setup Assistance in Jebel Ali Free Zone

Jebel Ali Free Zone or JAFZA was created in 1985 under Ruler’s Decree to provide a productive operations space for foreign companies in Dubai. Located in the extreme West of Dubai, JAFZA was expanded in the 90’s to make more space for small-scale industrial units, and currently provides a Dubai base for up to 7000 global companies. The sheer size of JAFZA, which extends to over 57 square kilometers, on either side of Sheikh Zayed Road; makes it the largest free zone in the world. JAFZA is well-connected to most of Dubai and boasts of industry and business-friendly infrastructure that makes it a coveted business hub for foreign companies looking to set up base in Dubai.

However, it must be noted; that setting up base in the Jebel Ali Free Zone can prove to be complicated for foreign companies that lack the expertise to deal with bureaucracy and the legalities of setting up a business in Dubai free zones. This is where expert business consultancy services in Dubai make an entry. The best of these business consultancy firms, are known for extensive expertise in the area of foreign business setup in JAFZA and other well-known free zones in Dubai. Read further to know how these consultancy services can be of benefit to those looking to setup commercial operations in JAZFA and other free zones in Dubai.

Legal Expertise
One of the initial challenges of setting up a base for any foreign business in the Jebel Ali Free Zone area, is understanding the legal landscape of Dubai as it applies to foreign business setups in its various free zones. For foreign businesses, navigating UAE and Dubai laws and regulations and meeting all legal requirements for business setup in JAFZA; can prove to be difficult, a long drawn out process, and even tedious; without the assistance of an expert in UAE laws. The professionals at the best business consultancy firms in Dubai are well able to help foreign companies meet all requirements for business setup in JAFZA. This includes expert assistance with documentation, applications, and documentation processing.

Location Scouting and Infrastructure Setup
Once, a foreign company has been authorization to set up base in JAFZA, with the help of expert business consultancy firms in Dubai; these same companies are well able to help foreign companies commence operations in the Jebel Ali Free Zone area by providing specialized assistance with location scouting and infrastructural setup. The services these firms offer often encompass specialized assistance in dealing with JAFZA regulatory bodies and local authorities, assistance with finding the ideal space within JAFZA to set up base, and visa applications assistance to bring in employees to fill up company vacancies prior and post setup.

A Business Consultancy Firm to Reckon With
In conclusion, among the leading business firms that specialize in JAFZA business setup is Arab Business Consultant. This business consultancy specialist offers invaluable support to foreign companies looking to expand to Dubai’s shores, with an eye on an operation base in the Jebel Ali Free Zone area.