Family Visa Dubai

How to Get a Family Visa in Dubai

Dubai is a city of different cultures and more than 100 communities are part of this most happening city in the world. It is considered one of the best and safest cities globally. Almost 7.2 million foreigners are living in UAE. People prefer to work in Dubai because of its business environment and lucrative job scenario. This is the main reason; the UAE Government has permitted Family Visa Dubai with few terms and conditions.

The first thing that you need to figure out is while applying for Family Visa Dubai, what kind of visa you are having? If you hold an employment visa, then government fee is completely different and if you have a business, investor or partner visa, then the entire process and cost for Family Visa Dubai is varied.

If your family is residing out of Dubai, first you need to apply for an entry residence visa, when they aarive to Dubai, after that you have 30 days to apply for family visa.

Family Visa Sponsorship through Employment visa:

If you are working in a company and you want to sponsor your family for a Family Visa Dubai, in that case, your salary package should not be less than AED 5000 with residence. On the other hand, if you want to sponsor your parents and want a family visa for them, your monthly income should not be less than AED 20,000. According to rules, if you want to sponsor your father and mother both, you have to prove that you are their one and only child who is taking care of them and there is no one else in your family to support them in your home country. Though, your parents are separated or one is expired, you require a documentary proof to get an entry visa from DNRD, which is the first step and after that you can apply for family or residency visa. A medical insurance is also required for each parent with minimum charges of AED 600 per year.

How to apply for family visa:

Here is some information that will help you to understand how you can apply for Family Visa Dubai. These condition are applied if you are the only earning member of the family either husband or wife while staying in Dubai.

Salary Limit in case husband is sponsoring wife:

If a husband wants to apply for a Family Visa Dubai and he is sponsoring his wife and kids, his salary should be AED 3,000 plus housing facility, if he is not availing the option of accommodation, then his salary should be AED 4,000.

Wife sponsoring husband:

If wife is working in Dubai as a doctor, teacher, nurse, engineer or in any other medical sector and she wants to sponsor her husband and children who are residing out of Dubai, here are some conditions that she should definitely meet to obtain Family Visa Dubai. Wife’s salary should be AED 3,000 plus residence or AED 4,000 without residence. All this information should be confirmed by GDRFA as the approvals can differ from person to person.

Wife sponsoring Husband (for other category):

For women, who work in other fields, they require a special request to be submitted to General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs Dubai for consent after that the process is the same. In such cases, salary limit starts at AED 8,000 plus residence but this should be confirmed through GDRFA as the approvals can vary from case to case.

Documents required for family visa in Dubai:

  • Application form and it should be typed.
  • It is necessary for government servants to attach their salary certificate or attested copy of work contract.
  • 3 months bank statement is required for long- term populace. But for new residents, there are some exceptions, they can show 1 month bank statement or utilize the option of bank letter confirming their salary transfer.
  • Attested copy of rental contract, Labor card and Emirates identity card.
  • A photo copy of marriage certificated attested by UAE authorities
  • 3 passport size photos of your family members.
  • A medical report of spouse or children up to 15 years of age from authentic hospital authorities or clinic.


Visit a typing centre with photo copies of all your required documents and acquire a typed application form. Its charges will be around AED 130 for each family member, typing charges are not included in this.

Provide the application form, medical certificate, photo copy of entry visa and all other papers at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai to seize the visa approval.

If your partner (husband or wife) is not in the country at the time of visa application, it is necessary for them to go through all medical tests, process of visa stamping and Emirates ID within 60 days from the date of their entry as it is mentioned in the entry approval.

On the other hand, if your spouse is in the country, he or she should not leave the country until the status of their visa is changed from temporary to permanent. They have to pay around AED 510 for this. They can exit the country after completing all the legal procedures.

According to UAE law 2018, if you want to apply for Family Visa Dubai, get your documents prepared for medical insurance for your dependents.

How much time is required to process family visa in Dubai?

Recently, it takes 10 days to three weeks to get a Family Visa Dubai and it can be more. Honestly speaking, it depends on the competence of your company, how quick it is, on the other hand, your wait time can be longer.


So, for Family Visa Dubai you need to have all related information at hand with all related documents so you can sponsor your family who is residing outside the United Arab Emirates. The process is easy but your company can play important role in getting the visas quickly so that you can bring your family in the Emirates.