Get to Know Your Best Options for an Office Space in Dubai

Dubai has long been one of the most foreign business-friendly nations in the world. Dubai has dedicatedly and purposefully cultivated an environment for foreign businesses to thrive in, with visa laws and tax breaks that count for much when setting up an enterprise in this wealthy Arab Kingdom.

However, there is a lot to say about the infrastructure in Dubai that adds to its business-friendly reputation and this blog aims to do just that; with an emphasis on the options for setting up an office space in Dubai. Read further to know more.

Advantages of Buying or Renting an Office Space in Dubai
To conduct business in Dubai, one must rent or purchase an office space. It is illegal to carry out business operations from a private address and such businesses do not qualify for business licensing under Dubai’s strict norms and regulations.

In fact, renting or buying an office space in this Emirate of the UAE is one of few steps to complete while establishing one’s business in Dubai. As apparent, the option to rent or buy an office space is open to any qualifying business and there are several advantages of renting or buying an office space in Dubai, some of which are as mentioned below…

  • Lenient regulations pertaining to rental office spaces
  • Maximum amenities for minimum rental prices
  • Spacious offices depending on employee count
  • Functionality and flexibility in terms of versatile office environments

Types of Office Spaces for Rent in Dubai
In keeping with business operations, there are a variation of office spaces for rent in Dubai. Detailed below is all the information you need to know your options…

  • Dedicated Workstations at Business Centers and Open-Plan Offices
  • Pre-Fitted Offices or Shell
  • Core Premises
  • Warehouses with Attached Offices

It is quite easy to see that the Dubai authorities have ensured that all kinds of business can thrive in this Emirate, with dedicated office spaces for each business type.

Location is key when scouting for an office space in Dubai. One can either opt for an office space in mainland Dubai or opt to rent an office space in popular Dubai free zones. Among the most popular free-zones for renting office spaces in Dubai are…

  • Dubai Airport Free Zone
  • Jumeirah Lake Towers Free Zone
  • Dubai Multi Commodities Center Free Zone
  • Jebel Ali Free Zone

It must be noted that all of these free zones are known for world-class infrastructure and state of the art connectivity to ensure that office space in any of these free zones; is the ideal space for carrying out backend operations for your business.

Mandatory Office Space
It must be noted that while virtual offices are gaining in popularity, a Dubai based business must possess a mandatory office space that is either rented, leased or purchased.

The good news is that business consultancy experts with just the right connections can help just about any business setup an office space in Dubai. Arab Business Consultants is a prime example of Dubai business consultants that help business clients with setting up base in Dubai, with services that include location scouting for an office, and setup and infrastructural support for the same.