Helping You with Your Business Setup in Fujairah

The bright prospects of starting a business in the fertile, oil-rich land of UAE are not unknown. The country has always attracted entrepreneurs from the world over to join hands and with its ever-growing economy and make significant profits for themselves.

Fujairah, one of the seven emirates of the UAE, is now gaining popularity as an ideal place to set kick start your business career in the country. The Fujairah Free Zone provides the perfect geographic location – offering access to some of the major shipping routes in the world, all the Arabian Gulf ports, the Red Sea, and the airport. Besides, low business expenditure, lower overhead costs, ease of issue license for business setup in Fujairah within one working day at low tariffs – all these make Fujairah more attractive to an entrepreneur.

Setting up a business from scratch in a foreign land can’t be easy. There are a million things to be considered before you can turn your dream into a tangible reality. But if you have helped all along the way, guiding you at every step and leading you through your business setup smoothly, the journey becomes easy and enjoyable.

Looking for guidance? Arab Business Consultant can help
Arab Business Consultant specializes in offering business and marketing consultancy services to help you with your business setup in Fujairah Free Zone. They will assist you right from the beginning – from offering flexible package options for office space to suit your individual requirement, to actually helping you choose the right kind of office wisely. The four types of packages they offer are: Virtual Office, Flexi Desk, Small Office (20sqm), and Big Office.

What are the services they offer?
The expert and knowledgeable team at Arab Business Consultant will take care of all your requirements for setting up a business space in Fujairah. They offer guidance in choosing the type of license that will perfectly suit your business needs – Trending Offices License or General Offices License, as well as list out to you all the documents required to obtain the same. They also assist in getting the licenses renewed, opening a bank account in Fujairah, provide PRO service for business promotion, visa processing services, and getting the company stamp. Basically, they work together with you at each step of your business setup.

Marketing consulting for complete business promotion
The best part about hiring the services of Arab Business Consultant is that they will not only help you with setting up your business but will lead you through the end of the journey, offering marketing services for your business as well. These include handling web design for your company’s website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, and All in One social media solutions for your business.

So if you are willing to try Fujairah as a prospective land for doing business in UAE, and need help with setting it up and promoting it in a new country, Arab Business Consultant is here to help you in your business setup in Fujairah.