How to Select Serviced Offices for Rent in Dubai

Businesses that intend to establish a presence in Dubai may sometimes find it difficult to spend upfront towards office space. By virtue of being one of the hottest destinations globally, commercial real estate prices in Dubai are on the higher side. It may therefore not be easy for a company to spend heavily on establishing office presence. The best option is to look for serviced offices for rent in Dubai which are a viable alternative for businesses that wish to quickly set up presence in the most cost-effective manner. This can be achieved without compromising on the business functions or the ability to transact. Here is a look at some of the requirements that need to be ascertained before applying for serviced offices.

Check out the nature of support services offered
Serviced offices for rent in Dubai may include the services of a receptionist. This will help the company to have a professional operator who will handle inbound calls on behalf of the company. This will also help the company to maintain a minimal presence until the time that full-time employees are hired. It is important to note that, at a business will get to hire employees only after it receives a trade license and approval from the concerned authorities. By using the services of a receptionist in serviced offices, companies can maintain a minimal presence until the approval is granted.

The need for access to canteen facilities
Depending on the nature of the business it may be necessary for employees to work late. It is necessary to provide employees with refreshments during work hours and extended work hours. When you choose serviced offices for rent in Dubai it is important to choose officers that are supported with canteen facilities. This will grant access to the employees and help them to work long hours. The timings of the canteen or other amenities need to be verified by choosing a location.

Infrastructure support in the digital era
It is hard to imagine any business getting by without high-speed broadband access. The serviced offices for rent in Dubai that you choose should ideally offer high-speed broadband access along with backup power. This will ensure that all activities are uninterrupted, helping improved and streamlined efficiency in the workplace. The number of workstations that are available for employees also needs to be calculated before opting for a location. This needs to be calculated on the basis of future requirements and not just the present strength of staff in the organization.

There are other requirements which need to be considered when identifying suitable office spaces. For instance, offices that are close to public transport infrastructure would be an added advantage for employees to commute to work. Office spaces should generally be closed to the central business district or close to other offices that may be required the services of the business.