Office Space in Dubai for Rent


How to Choose the Right Office Space in Dubai for Rent

When choosing Office Space in Dubai for Rent, there are several things that you need to look into. When you are running a business in Dubai, there are different types of commercial licenses that you can choose from.  There are a lot of other factors that you need to consider. In the following post, we would take a look at the factors and see how you can better decision when it comes to Office Space in Dubai for Rent

Choosing the Best Office Space Rent in Dubai Based on the License

Based on your license that you choose for your business, you will need to identify what areas are suitable for Office Space in Dubai for Rent.

For example, if you have a Tecom free zone license, you need to have to go for Office Space in Dubai for Rent in that area. You also need to think about the viability of the business based on the location of your choice.  For example, let us say that it’s a showroom for walk-in customers. So, you need to think whether the area accessible to the right kind of audience to get enough footfall for? So, it is important that you research your location when it comes to picking the Office Space in Dubai for Rent. This can have a huge impact on the success of your business

Making Sure All the Paperwork is in Order

Getting the paperwork in order is important when you are looking for Office Space in Dubai for Rent. All real estate transactions, including commercial rentals, are regulated by the Ejari.  It’s important to make sure all the terms and conditions are clearly mentioned in the contract to avoid any disputes in future.

If your choice of Office Space in Dubai for Rent needs any modifications, such as installations of cubicles and so on, make sure it is stated in clear terms in the contract.

You need to make sure that all the information about your business is registered correctly on the contract. This should include the nature of your business, so to avoid disputes in the future. According to laws in Dubai, there is a clear demarcation in the purpose of commercial properties in Dubai. This means that office cannot be converted to a warehouse and vice versa. When you are looking for office space in Dubai, ensure that the following documents are in order:

  • Proof of ownership,
  • The status of the premises,
  • Compliance of the premises with the existing plans,
  • Availability of the permits to use the premises.

Factoring in the Budget

One of the most important things to factor in while looking for Office Space in Dubai for Rent is making sure that it sits comfortably within your budget. You would need to consider the deposit amount and any other hidden costs while making the decision. You also need to know about all potential increases in rent, based on the RERA index. This ensures that you don’t get any shocks when you are looking to get Office Space in Dubai for Rent.

Things to do after signing the lease for Office Space in Dubai for Rent

There are several things to be done after you sign the lease for Office Space in Dubai for Rent. The electricity and water connection need to be looked into with DEWA. You need to make sure that the contents of property must be insured against any possible damage. You might also want to make arrangements for completing the interior decor of the office space. If it’s not a fitted property or a shell and core property, which means that there is no furniture or fittings and therefore you need a specialist to take care of the interiors of the office space. It’s important to account for the costs related to all of these when it comes to preparing your budget for Office Space in Dubai for Rent.

Starting a business is not an easy decision. You need to find the perfect premises for your office, warehouse or store in way so that your business is successful start to your new venture. Be sure to pay special attention to all of these factors when looking for Office Space in Dubai for Rent. If you have any specific questions about commercial leasing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Arab Business Consultant. They would help you in every way possible. So, get the help that you need and create your own success story.