A Complete Guide to Start a Pharmacy Business in Dubai

pharmacy business in Dubai


People in Dubai are shifting toward their health and wellness. That made the flourishing emergence of the pharmacy business in Dubai.  One of the best parts of doing a pharmacy company in Dubai is that the government promotes the healthcare sector.

The Dubai Health Care Authority has executed numerous initiatives to attract investors and to make the establishment of pharmacies smoother. These are tax incentives, streamlined licensing procedures, and entrance to state-of-the-art healthcare infrastructure. 

How to start a Pharmacy business in Dubai

Entrepreneurs need to follow these crucial steps to start a pharmacy business in Dubai. 

Step 1: Proper market research and planning

Conduct in-depth market research to understand the demand for specific services/ products, existing competition level, and possible niche opportunities. It is important to select the right legal structure for your business. like as a branch of a foreign company,  sole proprietorship, or limited liability.

Step 2: company registration

You have to register your business with the Department of Economic Development (DED) or with the specific free zone authority in Dubai. Along with the necessary documents such as business plans, pharmacy business in Dubai requires pharmacy certificates, pharmacist CVs, and lease agreements.

According to your services, you might require additional documents- medical devices and specialized medications.

Step 3:  Dubai Health Authority (DHA) Approvals

Getting a pharmacy license in Dubai from (DHA)  is necessary. For this, you need to fulfill all the strict requirements such as:

    • Qualification details of the pharmacist- The designated pharmacist or owner should have a valid pharmacy license in Dubai and also 2 years of experience.
    • Documentation-  Give in all the required documents like business plans, pharmacy certificates, pharmacist CVs, and lease agreements.
  • Location Approval- The pharmacy business in Dubai premises must abide by DHA rules and regulations regarding accessibility, size, and sanitation.

Step 4: Premises and location

Find an appropriate location for your pharmacy that abides by the zoning regulations and accessibility requirements. Ensure that your premises meet MOHAP (Ministry of Health and Prevention) and DHA (Dubai Health Authority) guidelines such as layout, sizes, and facilities mentioned for pharmacies. 

Step 5:  Permits and visa 

Apply for required permits and visas for employees, business operations, and employees.

Step 6:  Marketing and operations

Ensure you comply with DHA regulations concerning dispensing, record keeping, and medication storage. Stay updated with industry trends and adapt to new service approaches and technologies to stay competitive.

Step 7: Supply chain and procurement

Form relationships with eminent pharmaceutical distributors and suppliers. Pick medications and healthcare products from authorized wholesalers and manufacturers. Make sure you abide by rules and regulations.

Benefits of pharmacy company in Dubai

  • Coming up trends

Growing demand for online pharmacies, personalized healthcare, and technology incorporation open doors to innovations and distinctions within the market.

  • Seamless business setup in Dubai

Dubai gives out an easy process for business setup, and company registration is an easy way to open a pharmacy business in Dubai.

  • Government support

The Dubai government strongly supports the healthcare sector by taking initiatives for the pharmacy business in Dubai‘s infrastructure development. 

  • Planned location

Dubai is the hub for numerous businesses, attracting several customer bases with innumerable healthcare needs.

  • Tax benefits

Pharmacies benefit from competitive tax rates, a low VAT rate of 5% permitting higher profit margins, and no corporate income tax.

  • Sturdy market growth

This increasing population, aiming at protective healthcare, and disposable incomes contributes to the increasing demand for pharmacy services.


We have covered the key steps to start a Pharmacy business in Dubai that will help you to make a wise and informed decision. 

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