Setting up a Business at the Dubai Mainland? Get Some Expert Assistance!

Dubai is a place which provides access to a huge infrastructure, a multinational workforce and a cosmopolitan lifestyle. It is one of the most developed and highly connected business destinations in the world. It is situated in between the east and the west countries which provide a lot of advantages for the investors who set up their business in Dubai. With a Dubai mainland business setup you can get limited tax liabilities and enjoy open economic systems. These are some of the major factors which attract foreigners to start their own business in Dubai.

A peek into Dubai mainland business setup
It is a jurisdiction which is categorised geographically by the department of economic development in Dubai. In simple words it is a mainland which has suitable transportation and offers the best business locations in Dubai. If you want to start your business in Dubai, mainland provides a close proximity.

Now a Dubai mainland business setup requires a lot of documentation and list of approvals relevant to your business operation. There are three licenses under which one can establish a Dubai mainland business.

  • You should have a professional business license.
  • You need to have a commercial trading license which covers all kinds of trading activities of your company.
  • Another industrial license for manufacturing and industrial works.

Why start a business at the mainland of Dubai?
Apart from its location and resources, Dubai offers a lot to investors from all around the globe. Here’s a list of advantages of setting up a mainland business in Dubai:

  • You get no currency restrictions and other kinds of monetary restrictions.
  • You will be able to regulate your company from any part of UAE which is pretty amazing for foreign investors.
  • You get complete liberty to rent an office in any part of UAE.
  • Unlike other jurisdictions, you can conduct business and exchange with other countries without any limitations.
  • You get a simple recruiting process and have zero restrictions for the number of visas.
  • The registration and licensing is easier in comparison to other jurisdictions.
  • The incorporation process of the Dubai mainland companies is easier than the others.
  • You get zero taxation.
  • Low import duty.
  • You get full control for recruitment and zero percent minimum capital requirements.

Why hire experts?
Well, these are some attractive benefits of Dubai mainland business setup which cannot be ignored from an investor’s point of view. No matter how complex and time consuming it is to setup your company at the mainland, it can be done smoothly with the help of the experts. If you don’t want to face issues with the law, you need to hire the business consultants to help you out with all the legal procedures and registrations. These professionals understand the fact that starting your business can get very expensive and complicated, especially when you’re not familiar with all the laws. They help you excel by documenting properly and obtaining all the licences and certificates you need to comply with the prevailing regulations.  Not only this, they even guide and provide you with a new perspective which would help you to kick-start your business.