Thinking about Setting up a Business in Dubai? Worry Not & Read This!

We understand that setting up business start-ups can never be easy. There’s so much to plan and accomplish and that too in very little time. Not to forget, you need to wrap things up in your home country as well. Add to that the extra stress of visa processing; the very thought of all this is enough to put you in worry.

We say, worry not. You need help and we’re only too happy to assist you at each stage of setting up a business in Dubai. We are Arab Business Consultants (ABC), experts in offering our clients the best counseling and support in starting up a new business in the commercial hub of Dubai.

Specialised Consultancy Services at your Disposal
You need not worry about a thing. We’ll literally hold your hand and take you to your desired destination. Our team of professional consultants would help you with all the necessary details pertaining to your business as well as marketing needs. That too with free consultations!

They would start with helping you choose from a range of options between free zones and the mainland, best suited and most affordable for your business setup in Dubai. We know that your aim is not just to start up the business but also to promote it among the new target audience.

This can’t be easy considering that you’re new to the land. Therefore, take the help of our expert marketing consultancy services. Right from the new-age digital marketing services and specialised PRO to website design and development, we will take care of everything involved in setting up a business in Dubai.

Leading you to a Stress-Free Business Setup
The best part about availing our services has to be this – zero worry in carrying out all documentation processing for your business setup. Our team of executives would assist you in the procurement and submission of all relevant documents for visa processing needs. They would also follow up and keep you posted on the incorporation status of your application.

This means that you can concentrate worry-free on wrapping up your setup back home. You can also be rest assured that all our processes are carried out with 100% transparency in all respects – cost, timeline, and documentation needs.

Besides that, we can also help with other small but important tasks lined up for setting up a business in Dubai. These include opening up a bank account in the new city, applying for VAT registration, license renewal procedures, looking for a suitable and affordable rented office space, etc.

To Summarize
There are tons of things to do when it comes to setting up a new business in a new land. Availing the services of a professional consultancy can load off your shoulders, ensuring a smooth and worry-free transition. Plus, our affordable services and free consultation helps clients in a number of areas besides business setup, of course. Talk to one of our consultants today for more details on our services.