UAE Residence Visa Requirements For Family

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What are the UAE residence visa requirements for family (Spouse/kids and Parents)?


All the expats who work in United Arab Emirates always want that their families should not only visit them to UAE but also settle with them so that they can build a home with their families in the Emirates and enjoy the colorful life of UAE. So getting a visit visa for families is easy as you can simply apply for it and your family will meet you soon in UAE. But as far as residence visa is concerned, you must remember that UAE residence visa requirements for family are quite detailed and this procedure usually takes time as you have to gather all the documents and follow the due process. This is why in the following guide; I will describe full details about UAE residence visa requirements for family.

Remember that the following guide is only for residents of UAE who are settled there in any capacity.

UAE residence visa requirements for family (Spouse and Kids):


  1. First apply for entry residence visa:

If your wife and children are living outside UAE, you first need to apply for an entry residence visa as you cannot directly apply for residence visa as the law is in many other Gulf countries. First of all you bring your spouse and kids to the UAE with entry residence visa and once they are inside UAE, you will have 30 days to apply for getting the residence stamp on the visa.

  1. Salary:

This is one of the most important points to consider while applying for residence visa of spouse and kids. Your monthly salary should not be less than AED 3,000 plus accommodation included or if you do not have accommodation package included in your salary, then your salary should be AED 4,000.


  1. Documents required for residence visa for family:


UAE residence visa requirements for family are detailed and following documents are required for applying for visa to the Emirates.

  • Application form (typed)
  • For government employees, salary certificate is required whereas for other employees work contract is needed which must be attested.
  • All the residents of UAE who have been living in UAE for a long period of time, they are required to submit their bank statements of three months whereas new residents can submit only one month bank statement or they can also produce a bank letter which confirms their salary transfer to their accounts.
  • Emirates ID card
  • Labor card
  • Attested tenancy contract
  • Marriage Certificate is also required which should be attested from UAE authorities for marriages in UAE or for marriages outside UAE, it must be attested in your home country.
  • Original passports and copies of family members and sponsor’s are required.
  • 3 passport size photographs of every family member are required.
  • Medical certificate from authorized clinic/hospital for spouse and kids over age of 15 is also needed.


Important Note:

  • It is important to note here, while discussing UAE residence visa requirements for family that for keeping the residence visa valid for both spouse and kids, they should not live outside UAE for more than six months, if they live outside for more than six months, their visa will be considered invalid and then you have to apply for a new one.
  • People who have more than one wives which is usually the case with Muslim expatriates, they should know that sponsor can apply for only one residence visa for spouse so they cannot bring more than one wife to the UAE.


UAE residence visa requirements for family (Parents):


Well, you must know that UAE residence visa requirements for family are different for spouse/kids and parents and same criteria do not apply in both cases. For parents and parents in-law criteria for applying residence visa is as follow:

  1. Salary:

All the expats in UAE who hold a valid resident visa can apply for resident visa of their parents and parents in-law but the minimum salary should not be less than AED 20,000 without accommodation, if accommodation is included then AED 19,000 salary is okay for applying for resident visa.

If your salary is lower than the mentioned above and you want to bring your parents to UAE on resident visa then you have to approach Humanitarian Desk at DNRD. The said department takes on individual cases and deal with them on humanitarian basis.


  1. Proof that you are a sole provider of the parents:


  • According to UAE rules and regulations and UAE residence visa requirements for family (parents), you are required to give a proof to the authorities that you are the sole provider of the parents and they do not have anyone except you to take care of them. You also have to sponsor both father and mother together.
  • In case of divorce between your parents or one of them has deceased, you are required to carry a documentary proof with you to the office of DNRD for getting entry permit visa. After they are in the UAE, you can apply for residence visa within 60 days after the date of entry.
  • You as sponsor are also required by law to have an insurance policy for each parent separately with minimum coverage of at least AED 600 per annum.
  • All other documents required are same for bringing your parents to UAE as mentioned in section above for spouse and kids. But, you also must contain an attested document showing your relationship with the parents. UAE residence visa requirements for family also require that you submit a tenancy contract which shows that you are at least living in a two bedroom apartment. If your tenancy contract does not mention it then you are required to have an affidavit from your landlord.




UAE residence visa requirements for family is a detailed topic which describe comprehensively prerequisites of residence visa for both spouse/kids and parents. So, it is important to follow due procedure before applying for residence visa for your spouse, children and parents so that you can enjoy the stay with them in UAE.