UAE Residency

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How can you get UAE residency?

There are so many benefits of getting UAE residency in United Arab Emirates. UAE is driving world’s attention to it for the work opportunities and leisure activities it offers. United Arab Emirates in Middle East never seizes to amaze people with its beautiful sightseeing and idyllic spots. Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE only has more than 200 beautiful islands and who can forget the tall, luxurious skyscrapers of Dubai and artificially built island Palm Jumeirah. Well such amazing and intriguing environment forces a person to get UAE residency to enjoy every bit of life in the Emirates.

It is easy to get UAE residency and if you meet few conditions you can get a residency visa and also work, study, do business in UAE. You may only need to renew your UAE residency visa after 2 to 3 years to validate your stay.

  1. Sponsorship by employer:

You can easily get UAE residency in the Emirates if you become able to get an employment in the UAE. If your employer is willing to provide you with sponsorship then it won’t be hard for you to get residency visa in the country. Once you get sponsorship, you can also apply for UAE residency visa for your family and also bring them to the country. It usually takes two to three weeks to get this visa. Once you sign a contract with your employer for working in UAE, you employer then applies and fulfills all requirements for getting residency visa for you.

  1. Start business in UAE:

This is a convenient way to get UAE residency in UAE if you start your business in any of the Emirates after getting licensed. Your business in UAE can be of purely formal nature and you may not have to perform real activity. This is one of the convenient ways to get a business license and residence visa. This is not very expensive and it will take only few weeks to complete the procedure and get visa.

Starting your business allows the foreign citizen to be a shareholder in the company and they can also hire employees.

  1. Buy property to get UAE residency:

Another way of getting UAE residency is to buy property in Dubai or any other Emirate. When you buy property in UAE, its value should not be lesser than one million Dirhams. When you venture into real estate in UAE, you are most likely to get residence visa which is usually valid for two years and it can also be renewed.

Moreover, individuals who have good income to show, they can also buy property in the Emirates. Usually foreign enterprises invest in real estate so that they can acquire UAE residency. But remember that if you buy property and get residency, you are still not permitted to work in UAE on that residence visa.

Why UAE residency visa is required in UAE?

Well residency visa is required for conducting any business activity in UAE, for buying certain goods which also includes automobiles and opening a bank account.

Validity of your passport must be more than six months when you apply for residence visa.

Why should you think about living in UAE?

Well UAE has become a dream place to live for people around the globe. It has so much to offer which very few countries in the world can offer to expats. Although it is a bit difficult to become a citizen of UAE but if you manage to get only UAE residency which is not at all complicated procedure then you get to enjoy a lot of benefits.

Let’s have a look what UAE can offer to its residents:

  1. Tax free income:

Let me know where in the world, you get tax-free income? UAE offers tax-free income where you get to spend all of your income on yourself. Well this is a pretty great incentive for me to settle in UAE and keep every penny of my income.

  1. High standards of living:

Tax free income with high standards of living in the country, who would not want it! Whether you want to drive a Porsche or eat in world’s tallest building, UAE has a lot to offer. Beautiful islands of Abu Dhabi, Skyscrapers of Dubai, shopping malls with luxurious brands, high dining cafes around the corners with skiing, diving, golfing, snowboarding, windsurfing, desert safari, sailing, fishing etc. activities. You name the activity and you will find it in Dubai, UAE. UAE offers a fun life all year long.

  1. Diversity:

What makes UAE residency most exciting for me is the diversity it offers. Emirati nationals have a population of 1.4 million whereas foreigners have a population share of 7.8 million in UAE. I don’t think any country can be more diverse than this.

  1. Safety:

UAE has widely projected itself as one of the safest countries in the world. It does not tolerate any criminal activities and the traffic system is one of the best in the world. The crime rate is low and police is well respected. Public transport system is the best with trams, metro and buses.

  1. Connected to the world:

UAE has a great strategic location and connected easily to most parts of the world. Within just 6 to 8 hours you can go to Asia, Europe or Africa. As Dubai has the world’s busiest and largest airport, it offers flights to almost every part of the world on regular basis.

  1. Great weather:

UAE offers pleasant weather for almost six months and if you love some summer heat then UAE can offer that for another six month to soak yourself in sun and if weather gets too warm for you then you can visit many indoor attractions.


United Arab Emirates has a lot to offer to its residents. You name something and you will find it in UAE with the exuberant markets and flourishing economy. UAE has become a hub for tourism and offer great employment and work opportunities and it is very easy to get UAE residency.