UAE Visa Process

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A Short Guide to UAE Visa Process

When you are looking to travel to Dubai or move to Dubai, then you would need to apply for UAE Visa. In the following post, we are going to take a look at the UAE Visa Process. If you are looking to go to Dubai, then you need to know about the UAE Visa Process. You can apply for UAE Visa through the following methods:

  1. Applying through a Sponsor in Dubai—(Work visas and visitor visas)
  2. Applying through a Hotel-(visitor visas only)
  3. Applying through a D.N.R.D Authorized Agent in India- (visitor visas only)
  4. Applying through a U.A.E based airline – (visitor visas only)

UAE Visa Process for Business or Tourist Visa

Let us take a look at the UAE Visa Process for Business or Tourist visa (Sponsorship Based Visas)

Overview of the Process

  1. You would need to submit the required documents at DNRD. This would be done by the sponsoring person or company and not by the person applying for a visa.
  2. The DNRD would verify the documents and issue the visa
  3. The visa would be sent to traveller
  4. You would need to travel to UAE with visa copy, passport, insurance ticket and other documents

Required documents:

Let us take a look at the required documents that you would need for UAE Visa Process

  • E-form application which should include clear personal photo of the sponsored person approved by the sponsor or authorized signatories. The form should be duly signed and stamped and all the fees should be paid
  • Clear passport copy of the sponsor
  • Clear passport copy of the person applying for the visa
  • A copy of the salary certificate or employment contract of the sponsor must be attached. The sponsor should be a UAE Resident
  • Proof of family relationship (kinship)
  • Traveller insurance

Employment visa requirement

Now, let us take a look at the UAE Visa Process through the employment route. This particular UAE Visa Process would involve the following process.

  1. Certificate attestation
  2. Applying for an entry permit in UAE
  3. Travel to UAE and obtaining resident permit

1) Certificate Attestation

According to the law, the Government of UAE requires all your educational certificates, professional or academic, to be attested by their Embassy or Consulate. The certificate/documents that are to be attested should be submitted to the Embassy/Consulate along with a photocopy of the certificate/document and a clear copy of his/her passport. The original passport should only be presented for verification and then would be returned to you. Private firms applying for attestation of documents should give a written request which would state the purpose of the attestation. This is important for UAE Visa Process.

You should identify yourself by presenting the original passport yourself. In case of submission by a company, a request should be made on company letter head and should be duly signed by the authorized signatory of the firm should be attached.

Apart from that, you would also need to submit the following documents to complete the UAE Visa Process:

  • Two Recent passport size photograph of the certificate holder. One of them should be affixed in the application form.
  • You would need to submit the copies of the following pages of the passport should be attached along with the application form. You need to produce the Original Passport at the time of Registration.
    • Photo page
    • Address page
    • Page showing validity
  • Original and copy of Educational Qualifications. Please note that consolidated mark lists/ transcripts will not be accepted.
  • Original and copy of all certificates, which is authenticated by appropriate authority
  • You would also need to submit other certificates like Marriage, Birth, Experience, Affidavits, FIRs of lost passports, Commercial documents. You can contact the UAE Embassy’s Consular Section in case of any questions.

2) Entry Permit

You would also need to get entry permit apart from going through the UAE Visa Process. Entry permit of employment issued for the private sector.

Required Documents:

You would need the following documents for the entry permit

  • Copy of the valid establishment card
  • Copy of the sponsored person’s passport
  • Copy of the public relations officer card
  • Copy of the valid commercial license
  • Employment permit issued by Ministry of Labour

Fees: You would need to pay AED 220 as application fees

Required Documents:

  • Prepaid e-form application
  • Original and copy of certificate issued by Department of Economic Development (DED) which would include the names of partners and percentage of shareholding.
  • Original and copy of the Commercial Register of the Company.
  • Copy of the passport of a partner or investor.
  • Original and copy of valid commercial license of the Company.
  • Original and copy of the establishment card.
  • Original and copy of the public relations officer card.
  • Two photographs of the partner or investor of the company.
  • Statement of the company’s bank account for the last 3 months
  • Original and copy of the company’s memorandum of association which shows the percentage of shareholding.
  • The company’s seal imprint and authorized person’s signature.

These were the details of the UAE Visa Process. If you need assistance in the UAE Visa Process, then you need to get in touch with Arab Business Consultant as they have helped entrepreneurs secure Dubai visas. So, get the help that you need and move to Dubai without any hassles.