Why Choose Pro Services Dubai

The vast UAE region attracts budding Indian investors with a goal of creating internationally recognized business dynasties. As such, the investors land in Dubai with one aim, to do business, make profits and expand. Rarely do the investors plan for the sometimes daunting legal business formation procedures and requirements. Moreover, since investors commute to and from Indian, they focus on business nurturing activities during their limited stays in Dubai. This leaves them with little or no time to go through and prepare business formation paperwork. This is when PRO services Dubai comes in handy.

Pro Services Dubai

Evidently, time is of the essence and you cannot spend your limited time in Dubai queuing in different government departments waiting to file an application as things fail to run smoothly in your business due to your absence. With the right PRO services Dubai, you can spend your time being productive at work as your paperwork is prepared and filed according to the law. PRO services Dubai are offered by a team of experts who specialize in visa applications, business setup applications and paperwork preparation, application submissions to relevant government bodies, collection of required signatures and stamps as well as ensuring that all business formation requirements are certified and translated where applicable.

The team is conversant with the different government rules and regulations as well as legal procedures that must be followed to acquire business licenses and form new businesses in the mainland region, offshore and free zone regions. At Arab Business Consultant we focus on understanding clients’ PRO services required before giving the price quotation and professional advice. Our services are open to both individual and corporate clients seeking guidance on the best business start-up locations in the UAE, visa application procedures and requirements, and best businesses to start in the UAE among other clarifications.

Why work with us

As you focus on moving from India to the UAE as well as building an international business empire, you need assistance from PRO service in Dubai experts who guide you through the daunting company registration process, investor visa applications and other government mandated procedures that foreign investors must fulfil prior to setting base in the UAE. There are different stages of paperwork preparation that take up a lot of time to figure out if you have not processed such documents before. Our PRO service experts will assist your through every stage form business name generation to completion of the setup process. We prepare all documents and required attachment professionally to ensure that no revisions are requested and they are approved within the shortest time possible. Having been in existence for over 15 years, we work closely with Dubai government and ministry officials responsible for the different PRO services we provide such as; Visa application, business name search, mainland, offshore and free zones business setups.