Why SAIF Zone is the most popular among global investors?

If you are considering setting up a business in the UAE, free zones offer the most attractive options. More and more investors across the globe are considering the proposition to set up their business in one of the free zones because of benefits such as no tax, full ownership, complete repatriation of profits and capital, no restrictions on currency, and complete tax exemption on import and export. In this blog, we are specifically going to discuss Sharjah airport free zone and the benefits of setting up a business there. The strategic location of this free zone is the main reason behind its popularity among investors. Here is everything you ought to know when deciding whether the SAIF zone is right for setting up of your business.

SAIF Zone Business setup

  • Multiple visas without leasing office space. The entrepreneurs can apply for up to three visas without having to lease office space. This is particularly beneficial for small enterprises or solo business owners who do not need office space each day. There is also the advantage of access to numerous office services such as hiring a conference room, desk space, renting of furniture and equipment, and receptionist.
  • Minimize costs. When a business is being set up, the primary concern of every business owner is keeping the costs down. The is where Sharjah airport free zone excels again. The initial set up cost along with the visa fees is significantly less. There is also the advantage of flexible desk the package and promotions.
  • Easy and quick business set up. The best part of setting up a business in SAIF Zone is that it takes very less time and is also very easy. There are no hassles in the documentation process and the whole process only takes about two to four days to complete.
  • Variety of business types and business setup options. Sharjah airport free zone offers you the option to choose from a wide variety of licenses, such as commercial, trading, industrial, and service. The particular free zone is also a favourite among business owners who operate in freight, cargo, import, and export industries. Apart from this, there are also choices in business setup-free zone companies, branch of an existing business, and subsidiaries.
  • Assistance in setting up a corporate bank account. Another benefit of setting up a business in Sharjah airport free zone is that the business owners get the help that they need in opening a corporate bank account. Apart from guiding you about the most suitable bank that will meet your requirements, SAIF Zone staff will also help you throughout the documentation process.
  • Ease of sponsoring dependants. If you choose to set up business in SAIF Zone, you will be able to obtain your visa easily and also that of your dependant sponsors and domestic staff. Although this is an easy process, it is also very important, so you must seek advice from business setup consultants in the UAE.

Finally, we don’t need to tell you that SAIF Zone offers you a strategic location. Firstly, it is on the site of Sharjah International airport itself. Secondly, it is also well connected by sea and road. If you face any hassles at all in the process of business setup, you must definitely hire the assistance of reliable business setup consultants.