Get Your Business License in Dubai

Are you wondering how to get your business license in Dubai? Arab Business Consultant is here to help you get a business license and establish your dream business in the UAE. We have various business licensing packages to meet the unique needs and goals of our clients.

What is a trade license in Dubai?

A business license in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE is a legal document that provides legal authority to business owners to start their new ventures. This permit is issued by the relevant government departments of the UAE and indicates that you meet all the legal requirements of business setup in Dubai. Getting a business license in Dubai is the primary step for investors to start their business journey.

What are the types of trade licenses in Dubai?

Dubai offers you various types of trade licenses in Dubai to grow your business in a specific industry. A commercial license, professional license, general trading license and industrial license are the major types of licenses in Dubai.
Arab Business Consultant will help you to get your business license at affordable prices.

Let’s have a detailed overview of these types of business licenses in Dubai, UAE.

Dubai Limited Liability Companies (LLC company) established in mainland and freezone business structures usually require a commercial license to run their business activities. Having a commercial license in Dubai is important for a business that wants to be involved in business activities like Medical Commodities, Aircraft and train spare parts trading, Bags and Packaging material trading, Beauty and baby care essentials trading, Flowers and plants trading, Home appliances trading, Medical Commodities, Surgical Equipment, Cleaning services, Advertising services, Foodstuffs, Furniture, Readymade Garments, Software, Computer Systems, Communication Equipment, Automobiles, Logistics, Import and export, Real Estate, Rental business, and tourism business

How to get a commercial license in Dubai?

If you are wondering how to get your commercial license in Dubai contact Arab Business Consultant. As expert business setup consultants in Dubai, we will provide your commercial license in Dubai at affordable prices.

Existing or original copy of the existing trade license

100% business ownership

2 investor visa eligibility

Perform up to 9 business activities

Bank account opening

1 year of free PRO services

Free marketing counseling

A professional license in Dubai is important for businesses that want to operate specific professional services in Dubai, UAE. The Department of Economic Development (DED) issues a professional license to business owners. This license allows several business activities in UAE including Accountants, Auditors, and Financial Advisors, Advertising Professionals, Entertainment Artists, Architectural Consultants, Teachers and Educational Professionals, Business Consultants, Lawyers and Legal Advisors, Medical Representatives, Carpentry and Artisanal Activities, Technical Services, Consultancies, Printing and Publishing, Internet and Web Design Services, Beauty Salons, Accounting and Auditing Companies, Information Technology Services, Management Consultancies, Healthcare and Medical Services.

How to get a professional license in Dubai?

Arab Business Consultant will help you to get your professional license in Dubai at affordable prices. You will also take advantage of:

100% business ownership

2 visitor visa eligibility

Sponsor fee inclusive

Run more than 9 business activities

Bank account opening

Free PRO services for 1 year

A general trading license in Dubai allows you to run multiple business activities and access a diverse market. This type of trade license is important for businesses that want to engage in activities like Import & Export, Retail stores, Online selling, Trading multiple products, and Medical products.

How to get a general trading license in Dubai?

Approaching an Arab Business Consultant is the best way to get your general trading license in Dubai. You will additional benefits of:

Complete business ownership

Visa processing

Adding multiple activities in your business

Bank account assistance

Expert PRO services

If you want to start your manufacturing unit in the UAE, you must have an industrial license in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and any other emirate of the UAE (United Arab Emirates). This permit allows you to run various industrial activities in Dubai including Adhesive & paper slitting, Bookbinding, Casting of metals, Cards & envelops printing, Food & beverage manufacturing, Helicopter repair & maintenance, Lathe workshop, Magnetic technology equipment trading, metal products coating, Multi-dimensional image production (hologram), Pharmaceuticals packaging, Saddle & animal, bird training requisites making, Safety harness fabrication, Sculptors and Textile manufacturing. This license is important to run many manufacturing and semi-manufacturing business activities in the UAE.

Why do you need a business license in Dubai?

Having your trade name legalizes your business in UAE. This permit designates which kind of business activities you will run in the UAE.

Some of the key advantages of obtaining your trade license in Dubai are mentioned here:

Legal Compliance

Operating a business in Dubai without a license is illegal. A business license ensures that the company complies with local laws and regulations

Regulation and Standards

The license helps the government regulate and monitor businesses to maintain standards and protect consumers, ensuring businesses operate ethically and responsibly.

Commercial Activities

Having a business license in Dubai defines the type of business activities a company is authorized to conduct, preventing unauthorized business practices and ensuring that businesses stick to their specified operations.

Business Credibility

Having a trade license in Dubai enhances the credibility and legitimacy of your business, which can attract customers, partners, and investors.

Access to Services

Many essential services, such as banking, utilities, and leasing commercial property, require proof of a valid business license. So, having your business license allows you to access all essential services in the UAE.

Taxation and Auditing

It facilitates the government in tracking business revenues for taxation purposes and conducting audits, ensuring businesses pay the appropriate taxes.

Government Incentives

Licensed businesses can benefit from various government incentives, subsidies, and support programs designed to promote economic growth.

Dispute Resolution

In the case of legal disputes, a licensed business is more likely to be treated favorably by the courts compared to an unlicensed one.

Who are We?

We are Arab Business Consultant which is a leading business setup consultancy in Dubai, helping foreign investors in getting their trade licenses in UAE. We have discussed everything about business licenses in Dubai that are a commercial license, industrial license, professional license and general trading license. Arab Business Consultant is a one-stop solution for all your business setup needs. We offer professional business licensing services to establish your dream business in the UAE. As the best business setup consultancy in the UAE, we handle all your business setup needs. From choosing the right business structure and activity to deciding your trade name, obtaining licensing and visas to opening a bank account we will provide you personalized support and guidance.

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