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Why do your China-issued documents require attestation in the UAE?

China certificate attestation in Dubai is important for several purposes specifically when it comes to official documentation. The document attestation procedure means verifying the authenticity and validity of your documents by getting the official stamp or signature from the relevant authorities. This aids in ensuring that your original document is authentic and can be accepted and can be accepted by foreign countries. 

This process ensures that your China master’s or bachelor’s degree certificate is acceptable for legal and professional purposes in the UAE. China certificate attestation in Dubai incorporates the attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and from the UAE Embassy from your home country.

Which type of documents need to be attested in UAE?

Getting your China Certificate Attestation in Dubai is a process in which you need to get your certificates officially approved by the government. The documents that it includes are your non-educational certificates, educational documents, and commercial documents.

 Arab Business Consultant will help with the document attestation in Dubai for Chinese citizens throughout your process of attestation.

China personal documents 

  1. Birth Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE
  2. Death Certificate Attestation for UAE
  3. Divorce Certificate Attestation for UAE
  4. Experience Certificate Attestation for UAE
  5. Marriage Certificate Attestation for UAE
  6. Medical Certificate Attestation for UAE

Education certificates 

  1. Advanced Diploma Certificate Attestation for UAE
  2. Associate Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE
  3. Bachelor’s degree and honor Certificate Attestation for UAE
  4. Diploma Certificate Attestation for UAE
  5. Doctoral Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE
  6. Graduate Certificate Attestation for UAE

Commercial certificates

  1. Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  2. Article of Association (AOA)
  3. Power of Attorney (POA) Attestation
  4. Commercial Invoices Attestation
  5. Certificate of Incorporation
  6. Certificate of Good Standing
  7. Board Resolution Attestation

The Process for your China Document Attestation in Dubai

Your  China Certificate Attestation in Dubai has four steps are as follows:

Step 1 Chamber of Commerce Attestation (COC)

The COC is the local business authority in the cities and districts of the UAE. we would effectively guide you in the Chamber of Commerce Attestation (COC) which is the initial step of approving your documents legitimately.

Step 2 Ministry of External (MEF) Attestation 

The MEF attestation is the next step of home government attestation for your China Certificate Attestation in Dubai.

Step 3 UAE Embassy Attestation 

In this third step, the UAE Embassy accepts your documents in place of the government authority.

Step 4 Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Attestation in UAE

The MOFA attestation incorporates the checking of your certificates issued abroad or in the UAE. MOFA attestation is necessary for getting your residency visa. We give professional assistance for your China Embassy attestation Dubai which will accept your document within UAE.

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Why choose us for your China Certificate Attestation in Dubai?

Are you a Chinese resident or entrepreneur who is looking for a China Certificate Attestation in Dubai? It is crucial to select the right certificate attestation service in Dubai to ease up and make your process hassle-free. 

Arab Business Consultant holds a dedicated team of :

Experience and expert team – we have years of experience in managing certificate apostille services or China educational qualification certificates. Our team holds the knowledge of attestation and requirements of dubai authorities regarding it. We ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the attestation process.

Comprehensive services – we provide a range of documents for attestation services for your China certificates which involve your birth certificates, educational certificates, marriage certificates, and commercial documents. whatever ever type of document you want to attest we are here to aid you.

Customized solutions – we know that every client has their own needs therefore we believe in giving out tailored solutions to make sure that your China certificate gets attested according to the expectations of Dubai authorities.

Effective and reliable service – we believe in results so we do certificate attestation efficiently and get their work done on time so clients rely on us for any type of document attestation. 

Adhere to legalities – we complete and properly comply with the legalities and regulatory requirements as set by the Dubai authorities. You can have faith in us that your China certificates adhere to the required protocols and standards as we give our best legalisation services.

Transparent Process – we believe in complete transparency throughout the attestation procedure. The starting point of the submission of the documents to the final proper attestation. We will keep you updated throughout the process and will give you clear information and an explanation of it.

Customer satisfaction –  our ultimate aim and top priority is customer satisfaction. We endeavor to deliver exceptional service and to look after any issues and challenges you might come across. We will ensure that your Chinese original certificates get attested by meeting all your expectations and requirements.

If you are looking for documentary services then do get in touch with us. we will ensure your entire process is seamless as we will be with you in all your attestation steps. we aim to give you all types of assistance from our end. So get your timely attestation of your documents with Arab Business Consultants.