Dubai Mainland Company Setup

At Arab Business Consultant, we have the necessary knowledge, experience and expertise to help you with mainland Dubai company formation. We have a dedicated team of specialists who are available to help you understand the benefits of setting up a mainland company and then ensure you get the necessary approvals and licenses to begin operations within no time.

What You Should Know Before Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

You need to realize that when you decide to go ahead with mainland company formation in Dubai, you will need a UAE national who enjoys 51% equity ownership in the company. At Arab Business Consultant, we can assist you with the right partner, who will prove to be an asset rather than a liability.

Depending on the kind of business activities you want to do, you will need either a commercial or professional license. You would need to be present in Dubai at least once when we work to get the initial approvals. This is mandated by law and there is no avoiding it. However, the good news is once we get the initial approvals, you can depend on us to do the necessary paperwork without your presence in Dubai.

Why Opt for Dubai Mainland Company Setup?

In case you are wondering why you should go ahead with Dubai mainland company setup, here are some compelling reasons to convince you:

  • Dubai is a peaceful and strategically located emirate in the Middle East. When you set up a business here, you can trade or take advantage of business opportunities in other GCC countries. This will help your business grow and expand.
  • The UAE government is business- and investor-friendly. It has provided numerous facilities, such as no personal tax, to foreign entrepreneurs to make the country attractive for new business setup.
  • You do not have to worry about income tax as Dubai does not levy it. This is one of the major attractions of setting up a business in mainland Dubai.
  • Dubai has several opportunities for entrepreneurs, experienced businessmen, and newbies. So, there is something for everyone and the entire process of mainland Dubai company formation is not tedious if you know how to go about it.
  • Dubai does not have a double taxation policy for import and export, thereby allowing businesses to avoid double taxation with their home country.

Above all, when it comes to Dubai mainland company setup, the entire process is easy. Arab Business Consultant is at your service to ensure you can set up your company within no time and begin operations. We also assist you with employee visas, so you can get the right talent to ensure your business hits the ground running.

Why Choose Arab Business Consultant?

We, at Arab Business Consultant, have decades of experience in helping entrepreneurs and investors in mainland company formation. We have a dedicated team of experts who walk you through the legal and paper maze. We help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of setting up a mainland company in Dubai. We work with you to ensure you make an informed decision and once you do, we will get the necessary approvals and licenses so that you do not have to do the running around.

Dubai has become a global business hub and there is no dearth of opportunities, infrastructure, and facilities to help businesspeople succeed. And, when you partner with Arab Business Consultant, you enjoy a hassle-free company formation experience as we possess the right knowledge and expertise to guide you through the entire process.

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