What is a Dubai mainland license?

The Dubai mainland license is also called an onshore license. This license permits you to operate your business here and also internationally without any restrictions. To register your mainland business in Dubai or any Emirates you need a local service agent. So if you are looking for good local sponsors you must get in touch with Arab Business Consultant. These local sponsors do not hold any shares of the business.

Benefits of having a mainland License in Dubai

Open gateways to local markets

Flexibility in financial transactions

Wide range of business activities

No annual audit required

Closeness with suppliers and customers

Provides an opportunity to network

Open doors for government tenders and contracts

Well-established legal framework

Flexibility in choosing office locations

Why choose Arab Business Consultant for
your Dubai mainland license

If you are thinking of setting up your business in Dubai's mainland it is important to have the right and skilled business consultant by your side. This small decision can either make or break your business's growth and success.
We provide you with numerous benefits as our team has a good understanding of the culture, holds language proficiency, has good connections and networks, knows all the legalities and regulators, customized advice according to your business, and does clear and efficient communication.
Arab Business Consultant gives comprehensive guidance and services such as visa processing, VAT registration services in UAE, PRO services in Dubai, UAE. bank account opening, etc.

Types of mainland license in UAE

  • Commercial license
  • Professional license
  • Industrial license
  • Mainland legal structures for business

  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • Civil company
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Private joint stock company
  • Branch of Free Zone Company
  • Branch of foreign company
  • Steps to follow for getting a Dubai mainland licenses

    Here are the major steps to follow for getting the Dubai mainland licence and we Arab Business Consultants will guide you throughout the process.


    Choose your business setup

    It is necessary to analyze and identify your business activity. Dubai is known as a global hub, therefore, it provides a wide range of business sectors such as professional services, trading services, manufacturing, and tourism services.


    Select your legal structure

    Dubai gives you several legal business structures. Each of these sectors has its own liability implications, requirements, and ownership regulations.


    Determine your trade name and complete your initial approval

    Choose a unique and relevant trade name according to your business. Assures that your business trade name abides by all the guidelines laid by the Department of Economic Development (DED) mainland. After your trade name gets approved submit your application form to DED for initial approvals.


    Draft your Memorandum of Association (MOA)

    Drafting an MOA is crucial for outlining your business shareholder's details, objectives, capital structure, and management duties.


    get approvals and a license

    Once when you complete your initial approvals and have obtained all the required approvals from the relevant authority. Further, apply for a Dubai mainland licence from the DED for operating your business.


    Completes your visa requirements

    You should apply for your residency visa according to the number of employees and business setup. This visa process includes your Emirates ID registration, medical tests, and issues of your residency permits.

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    Documents required for
    your Dubai mainland license

    Here are the necessary documents mentioned that are needed for getting a Dubai mainland trade license as follows:

    Copies of the passports of all the shareholders
    Copies of the visa page and entry stamp of all the shareholders
    Passport-size photographs of all the shareholders
    Memorandum of Associations (MOA)
    The occupancy contract and EJARI (the rent)
    Get your Dubai mainland license seamlessly

    Yes, you read it right with Arab Business Consultant you can get your Dubai mainland license efficiently and comfortably with Arab Business Consultant as our team is an expert in legal works and knowledge, networking, doing documentation, and online supporting. We aim to form a successful business setup in one of the lively business hubs.