Dubai Residence Visa

Dubai Residence Visa

How to Get a Dubai Residence Visa?

Today, a number of foreign citizens are showing interest in applying for Dubai Residence Visa.  There are many ways in which you can be eligible to get a Dubai Residence Visa. For example, you can get a residence visa in UAE, if you have a job, or looking to start a business or going to purchase a real estate property. Once you get a residency, you will also be allowed to open a bank account in Dubai.

In this article, we have given all the information about getting a Dubai Residence Visa that you should know. If you need any guidance in getting Visa, then you can get in touch with Arab Business Consultant. They have years of experience in helping entrepreneurs in securing a residence visa in UAE.

Who can apply for a Dubai Residence Visa?

Anyone can apply for Dubai Residence Visa, provided that they meet certain conditions. The conditions depend on the applicant’s nationality. The following facts must be noted when you are applying for Dubai Residence Visa

  • If you are a citizen of a country who is not a member of Gulf Cooperation Council countries, then you need to apply for a residence permit when moving to Dubai.
  • If you are applying for Visa on account of having a job offer in Dubai, then it will be the employer to apply for the visa on behalf of the foreign citizen.
  • A Dubai residence visa is necessary for a number of things such as setting up a bank account in Dubai, or buying a car.
  • The validity of your passport when applying for the visa must of at least 6 months.

Latest requirements for obtaining a residence visa in Dubai

In 2018, the UAE government has brought changes to some of the requirements related to getting a Dubai residency. Under the new conditions laid by the government, foreign citizens applying for Dubai Residence Visa on account of having a job offer in Dubai, must also submit a certificate of good conduct which must be obtained from their countries of residence. If you already have/had a job in Dubai and you are just changing jobs, this certificate is not required.

You should also have a valid email address, as the notifications and the updates will be sent an email by the local authorities to that email.

Getting a Dubai Residence Visa through Employment

The most common reasons why foreign citizens apply for residency is because they have a job offer in Dubai or they have someone in their family who work and live in the city. As said before, in such cases, the Dubai residence Visa should be applied by the employer on behalf of the employee.

In the first time, then you will be issued an entry permit that will allow you to move to Dubai before your Dubai Residence Visa is officially granted. The entry permit has a limited validity of only 2 months.

If you are an expat in Dubai and you want to sponsor your family members for obtaining a visa, then you must have a monthly income of at least 3,000 AED, if the accommodation is provided by the employer. If the accommodation is provided by you, then your income must be at least 4,000 AED.

Getting a residence visa by buying a property in Dubai

Another way of obtaining a residence visa for Dubai is by purchasing a property. The conditions for obtaining a Dubai residence visa this way is that the property should be completed upon the purchase and the value of the property must be of at least 1 million AED (around 275,000 USD). A residence visa obtained by purchasing a property in Dubai is valid for a two-year period and it does not give you the right to work in the Emirate. However, its biggest advantage is that you would not be required to register a company in Dubai.

Obtaining a Dubai residence visa through company registration in Dubai

Perhaps the most popular way of obtaining visa is by registering a company in Dubai or in one of its free zones. You can start a company anywhere in Dubai or the UAE. This type of residency visa allows you to be a shareholder in a local company and also to hire employees in Dubai.

The validity of a residence visa obtained by company incorporation is three years and can be renewed as well.

Documents required when applying for residency in Dubai

When you are applying for Dubai residence visa, you should know about the documents that are required. Along with the relevant application form, a foreigner applying for Dubai residence visa must also submit copies of the following documents:

  • Valid passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Driver’s license,
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Educational Qualifications
  • Work Experience and References
  • Medical Test Reports -You would need to undergo a medical exam prior to his or her employment. A medical examination will be necessary every time you renew Visa.

The Cost of Getting Dubai Residence Visa

The procedure of obtaining a Dubai Residence Visa also involves certain fees, depending on the type of permit to be obtained. You would need to pay the following costs:

  • The service fees which include visa processing fee, the knowledge, and innovation fee;
  • The fee related to getting the medical certificate after the medical evaluation;
  • The fee for getting an e-residence permit or for changing the expiring visa;
  • The bank fees and the fee required by the Ministry of Labor to approve the work visa.

In the case you are applying for a residence visa based on employment, the Dubai Company hiring you must also deposit a guarantee which will effectively transform them into sponsors. This is one of the reasons why, it is often hard to calculate all the costs associated with obtaining a Dubai residency

The processing time for residence visa has decreased during the past few years. To increase the speed and simplify the application procedures, you can get the services of company incorporation agents at Arab Business Consultants. The company has an extensive knowledge on how to obtain a Dubai residence visa and can also help foreign investors who want to set up businesses here. So, get the help of the leaders and form get your residence visa with ease.