General Trading License in Dubai UAE

Dubai provides a favorable business environment, with adequate support from the government. Hence, it has become an attractive destination for investors and entrepreneurs, who come to take advantage of the tax-friendly regime and world-class amenities. However, to operate a successful business in Dubai, you will need a general trading license, which you can get from the Department of Economic Development.

Arab Business Consultant can help you get a general trading license in Dubai. We have the right knowledge and expertise to ensure you do not face any delay in starting your new business in this thriving economy.

Understanding the General Trading License

To start a business in Dubai, you need a general trading license. This license covers trading activities in different industries as well as multiple trading activities. Some of the activities that you can perform with this license include:

  • Export
  • Import
  • Trading of goods
  • Trading of products

With this license, you can also do wholesale trading and business. This license also gives you carte blanche to trade not just in Dubai as well as emirates of the UAE. So, you will not need to get a special Ajman trade license if you want to set up your business in Dubai and trade in Ajman.

It is essential to note that certain products are regulated in the UAE. These include pharmaceutical products, frozen goods, and alcoholic beverages. For these regulated products, you will need special approvals from the authorities. Besides this caveat, an entrepreneur can explore and take advantage of the numerous trading opportunities that Dubai offers.

When you want to set up a business in Dubai, you can do so in the mainland, offshore or free zones. Our experts will guide you to choose the right area to set up the business and thereafter help you get your trade license for Dubai.

How to Get a General Trading License in Dubai

At Arab Business Consultant, our experts are well-versed in helping entrepreneurs and investors get a general trading license. We work with you to select the right name and legal structure for your new company and decide all the business activities you want to do. Based on this, we will apply for the necessary licenses. You can do a maximum of 10 business activities on each license.

Our specialists will fill and submit the application to get the necessary approval. We also do the legwork to ensure you get access to the right business premises and work on your behalf to get you the best tenancy contract, which we then get attested by Ejari. Thereafter, we submit the application to the Department of Economic Development so that you can get your general trading license and begin operations in Dubai.

We ensure that you have a seamless and hassle-free experience when you want to set up a business in Dubai. Our dedicated staff and experts are always there to answer your queries and do the running around to get the necessary documentation so that there is no hitch in getting approvals and trading license for Dubai.

As the license is valid for one year, you can depend on Arab Business Consultant to also help you with the renewal when the time comes. When you renew the license, the validity period extends to five years.

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With the right trading license, you will enjoy numerous benefits. You will be able to repatriate the capital and profits and indulge in national and international trade without any problem. In addition, you can rely on Arab Business Consultant to assist you with visas for your employees. When you have a dependable partner in Arab Business Consultant, why look elsewhere? We will make sure that you get your general trading license in Dubai with ease and have your business up and running within no time.

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