What is a Limited Liability Company in Dubai?

An LLC company formation in Dubai refers to the most profitable type of business setup in UAE. these companies are formed by a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 50 shareholders who possess a limited liability of shares in the business capital. Dubai LLC company setup requires you to partner with a local sponsor in Dubai who will help you to deal with the government authorities of the UAE. Contact Arab Business Consultant to find the right local sponsor for your business setup in UAE.

Amazing Benefits to Start a Limited Liability Company in Dubai

LLC company formation in Dubai, UAE offers you countless benefits and here we are going to tell you the major advantages of it.

Affordable Company Formation

Limited liability protection

Apply for multiple visas

Add a broad range of business activities to your business

Freedom to choose the most preferable business location

How to Start a Limited Liability Company in Dubai?

LLC formation in Dubai needs to take some important steps, to avoid any mistakes and delays. Contact Arab Business Consultant to start an efficient limited liability company in UAE.
The primary steps to start your LLC in Dubai and any other emirate of UAE include the following:


Identify the Right Business Activities

Choose the right activities to run in your business that decide your trade license in Dubai. Consultancy services, Tourism business, E-commerce, Healthcare, Beauty salons, Cleaning services, Real Estate, and Restaurant business are some of the profitable business activities to run within the UAE.


Decide Your Trade Name

Select a unique and relevant name for your business. Make sure that your business name is complying with the naming regulations set by the government.


Select Your Business Location

Finalize your business location and obtain all essential initial approvals to start your LLC in Dubai. We will help you get all the initial approvals from the DED ( Department of Economic Development).


Obtain Additional Approvals

We will help in submitting all required documents including drafting an MOA and LSA agreements. We will also help you find a reliable local sponsor for starting your limited liability company in Dubai.


Get Your Trade License and Visas

Secure your trade license in Dubai at affordable prices with us. We will also help you to get your visas to embark on your entrepreneurial journey.

Documents Required to Start an LLC in Dubai

To establish an LLC company in UAE you need to submit the following documents:

Passport copy of the owner

Passport copy of the local sponsor

Copy of Emirates ID

Application form of registration from DED

An attested tenancy contract for the office premises

An attested Memorandum of Association (MoA) from public notary

Ready to Setup Your Limited Liability Company in Dubai

Starting a limited liability company in Dubai requires to have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of several business setup rules and regulations of the UAE. Our expert business setup consultants will educate you about various laws of LLC formation including requirements and processes.

If you are ready to start your LLC in Dubai contact Arab Business Consultant and let’s do it together.