Find the Best Local Sponsor in UAE

If you are planning to establish your mainland business in Dubai. Finding a local sponsor in UAE is important for an efficient business setup in the dynamic work environment of the UAE.
Arab Business Consultant is a a team of expert business setup consultants who will help you meet the right local sponsor in Dubai, UAE to start your business journey in Dubai mainland.

Who is a Local Sponsor in UAE?

A local sponsor is referred to as a local service agent, sleeping partner, or nominee shareholder in the UAE. A local sponsor is an Emirate national, holding all the necessary qualifications required for running business activities in UAE.
Starting a mainland company in Dubai requires a minimum of 51% local share with a local sponsor. The foreign investor will have the shares of 49% and the business profit will be mutually agreed.
Connecting with the right local sponsor ensures that your business setup in Dubai complies with all the business formation rules and regulations of the UAE.

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Types of Local Sponsor in UAE

Three types of local sponsors in Dubai are corporate Local Sponsors, Individual Local Sponsor, and Local Service Agent.

Corporate Local Sponsor

A corporate sponsors in Dubai is a UAE-based company that can be the best kind of local sponsor for businesses looking for a structured partnership. Corporate sponsorship is the best local sponsorship option for larger business setups, joint ventures, and industry requirements in the UAE.

Individual Sponsors

An individual sponsor in UAE is an Emirate citizen who helps foreign investors in their business setup. This kind of local sponsor will hold 51% company shares of the business, but the agreement can stipulate that the investor will have complete control over business operations and profits.
Individual sponsorship is beneficial for Limited Liability Companies (LLC Company) to manage and run profitable business activities.

Local Service Agent

Entrepreneurs who want to invest in professional and consulting services in Dubai are required to have an agreement with a local service agent (LSA).
In this type of sponsorship in Dubai, the UAE national represents your business in front of government authorities but does not hold the any shares in business. It is the best sponsorship option for legal firms, consulting services, and branches of companies to get complete foreign ownership of the business.

Why Do You Need a Local Sponsor in Dubai?

Local sponsorship in UAE is important for businesses dreaming of starting their own business within the Emirates.
The primary reasons why you need a local sponsor in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE are detailed here:

Legal Representation

Partnering with a local sponsor ensures that you are complying with the UAE commercial laws and legal requirements, eliminating the risk of legal issues. It will also help you to build strong relationships with government departments in the UAE for smooth interactions and approvals.

Business Setup Assistance

A local sponsor in UAE helps business owners in various business setup processes such as completing administrative tasks, government dealings, day-to-day operations, and representing their businesses.

Cultural and Market Insights

Your local sponsor in UAE will help you to understand the local market of the UAE and build profitable connections. Your mainland sponsor will open doors for your business networks through partnerships, contracts, and growth opportunities in your industry.

Best Way to Find a Local Sponsor

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