Get your Office Space For Rent In Dubai

How to Choose the Right Office Space in Dubai?

Over the past few years, Dubai has emerged to be a hotspot for business formation. Today, entrepreneurs from across the world are coming to Dubai and opening up their business. Now, this boom does come with its fair share of problems. One of the biggest issues that companies face is finding a suitable office space in Dubai. According to a survey published by Dubai Silicon Oasis and Google MENA in October 2014, the number of technology startups in Dubai was estimated to have increased by 45% in 2012 across MENA, which is more than double the global average.

On top of that, there is the Dubai Expo 2020. The Expo will help attract additional foreign direct investments (FDIs) and promote business in Dubai and the UAE. At the same time, it is understood that more business, especially in the SME Sector would open up their shop in the city. By 2020, Dubai is expecting approximately 200,000 new businesses to be set up. The current rate of increase in new business setting up in the UAE is up around 50% year on year. All this goes on to show the immense demand for office space in Dubai. This means an immediate and urgent need for office space.

But the question everyone is asking is whether there is enough office space in Dubai available to meet this huge demand?  There has always been a shortage of commercial office space. Finding an office in Dubai that too in a centrally located area or near a traditional business or financial area might be possible if you put some effort into it. However, finding a commercial office building, which has all the services and facilities for your business is much tougher.

The Issues with Having Offices in Non-Commercial Buildings in Dubai

It is often seen that when a company can’t find office space in Dubai or can’t afford to rent a commercial office, they go for an office in a building which is licensed for mixed use (both residential and commercial). Offices in such spaces fail to create a professional image and hence, clients don’t trust them easily. After all, why would a big client invest their money on a business which is located in an ordinary apartment building, with families downstairs having a birthday party? Your business clients in suits, carrying briefcases would not want to share the same lift with kids who have just finished their soccer match.

Apart from the problem of image, there is also the issue with facilities. You would not get ample visitor parking, proper reception services, name plates for each business in the reception, bathroom facilities, or even proper maintenance. A fully commercial building, on the other hand, we will have all of these things, including uniformed security staff, maintenance staff, reception staff. In other words, they offer the professional physical façade in the lobby to give the right image. It is pretty hard to get such an office space in Dubai.

Are Serviced Offices The Way to Go?

Another option when it comes to office space for rent in Dubai is serviced offices.  It would not be an exaggeration to say, that a fully serviced office gives you the ultimate in convenience.   If you are a small firm, you might not be able to perform certain tasks such as serving refreshments to your clients, a receptionist to man the phones or IT Support or Cleaning your office. A fully serviced office space in Dubai would help you deal with all that with ease.

For a serviced office space for rent ,  you simply need rent it, and depending on your serviced office provider, you will be able to choose from a range of add on services such as reception services, 24/7 IT support, and much more.

Serviced offices are popular local branches of multinational firms looking for an office space immediately. They need to have the most professional image possible with no set up time. They simply need a fully serviced, fully functioning office immediately and do not want to put an effort behind choosing locations, negotiating contracts with owning, choosing office furniture, setting up DEWA and internet connections, hiring support staff (reception, IT, cleaning etc.). They need everything available and that too, without any delay. Some serviced offices offer flexible rental agreements and other rental agreements. Some serviced offices offer a basic furnished space, but then you have to pay an additional fee for support like IT services, refreshment services, maintenance etc. On the other hand, you have some serviced office space for rent that offer an all-inclusive package with a range of services including on-site IT support, maintenance and much more.

Choosing The Perfect Office Space in Dubai

When it comes to choosing the perfect office space in Dubai, you need to look at the following things:

  • Functionality – You need to look at how well it will serve your business on a day to day basis, budget, etc.
  • Licensing and legal issues
  • Expected Medium to long-term growth
  • Design and Layout: The design and the layout of the office space in Dubai is equally important. Most research shows that people are most productive when they work alone, so trying to go for a space that allows them the privacy that they need to work at their best. However, you do need common areas where people can take a break and socialize. Easy access to coffee shop or a diner is also great.
  • Finances and cash flow: You need to look at the payment methods and the frequency of payments. Is it through annual cheque, or quarterly or monthly? If it’s an only annual cheque, you need to look at how it fits your cash flow.
  • Furniture:Choose furniture that is durable, aesthetically pleasing and is comfortable and practical. If you choose beautiful chairs that are uncomfortable or not ergonomically designed, it would lead to staff complaints which would pull down productivity.  Do you need filing cabinets and stacking trays?  Do you want phone points at each desk? You need to have a clear idea about your needs so that you can get what you need. You can also bring on board someone like an experienced office manager in your specific industry, to make the list and discuss accordingly.

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