PRO Services in Dubai, UAE

PRO Services Dubai, UAE

The Need for Pro Services in Dubai

Entities that intend to establish presence in the UAE need to fulfil multiple requirements. The obligations can be overwhelming to a business that has little exposure to the requirements. The benefits of establishing a business in Dubai are manifold, and this makes it necessary for various departments to screen the registration and company set up procedures. There is a need to handle the documentation without ambiguity, and this can get further complicated when original documents are in Arabic language. This mandates the need for PRO services in Dubai, UAE. Dubai based business consultant’s offer these services to assist entrepreneurs. Here is a look at the compelling reasons behind using the service.

  • To ensure compliance with all legal requirements that will ensure approval of company and activities.
  • To ensure liaison with the concerned department for obtaining company license.
  • To actively follow up submission of applications for permits and for renewing licenses.
  • To track all registration formalities and inform stakeholders about various obligatory requirements for licensing, remittances and permits.
  • To assist the company in meeting the obligatory requirements of the Immigration and Labour Departments.
  • To assist in various processes that are necessary for establishing presence in Dubai – obtaining labour approval, employment visas, Emirates ID cards, compile and draft labour contracts, and handle other documentation requirement.
  • To liaise with all government offices concerned with establishing and operating a business in Dubai.
  • To track latest developments and policy changes of the government and update businesses about the changes and the likely implications.
  • To handle correspondence of the company with the government and various bodies of the government with regard to routine activities and regulatory compliance.
  • To handle the awards, and orders passed by various authorities regarding routine activities.

Advantages of relying on professional services of Arab Business Consultant’s PRO services Dubai, UAE

The advantages of relying on Arab Business Consultant’s PRO services in Dubai,UAE includes the access to our considerable experience in handling the requirements of different types of businesses. Across various parameters including size of business, and nature of work/service, Arab Business Consultant has consistently helped businesses to meet requirements. Our high standards of professionalism combines with our structured approach and methodical screening of documents, offering unmatched efficiency and faster conclusion of formalities. Our liaison with governmental departments and authorities, will help smoothen out the process, as we help businesses meet mandatory requirements in the initial stages.

Our end to end services ensure that businesses receive all services from a single source, dispensing the need for relying on multiple service providers for different requirements. From the establishment of a company, to the opening of a bank account, and processing of employment visa, to the setting up of a virtual office, every single requirement is handled by our team. Arab Business Consultant’s PRO services Dubai, UAE and document clearing services that have been made available as a part of the service offerings make our consulting services the best equipped to handle all the requirements of businesses intending to establish presence in the UAE.