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UAE Free Zone Company Formation | Business Setup in UAE Free Zones

UAE Free Zone Business Formation

Company Formation in UAE Free Zones

Useful Information about UAE Free Zone company formation

UAE is a preferred destination for a large number of businesses that benefit from the friendly investor climate and the tax-free regime. The ease of doing business and the availability of resources as a result of the agglomeration of various business entities makes this a favorable location for business setup. The establishment of UAE Free Zone company formation has helped the Emirates to attract global business entities to establish presence and leverage the benefits.

There are formalities and regulations that need to be fulfilled by businesses seeking to set up an office in the UAE. Here is useful information that will help businesses learn more about the free zone company setup in the UAE.

Establishing companies in UAE Free Zones

Every business that intends to establish a company should be aware of the following:

  • The need for selection of a local sponsor if business is to be setup anywhere in UAE – For the purpose of establishing a locally registered LLC it is necessary to have a UAE national as a partner with 51% control. The local sponsor will have to be paid remuneration and having a local sponsor on board will give a business the freedom to have business interests at any location.
  • Picking the most suitable free zone for company formation– A business that intends to exercise full control over ownership in addition to enjoying tax breaks should look for UAE Free Zone company setup option. A business needs to pick the most suitable free zone that is aligned with the nature of business activity and geographical location for establishing presence. The location should also offer the ideal atmosphere for conducting business. This would include the terms of the tenancy contract, other infrastructural requirements such as communication facilities, office space, and storage requirements.
  • Choosing the ideal location – The location is of paramount importance. There are considerations that need to be factored in – such as the proximity to ports, the access to other resources and the targeted markets for successful UAE free zone company setup. The location should also offer the ideal atmosphere for conducting business. This would include the terms of the tenancy contract, and other infrastructural requirements such as communication facilities, office space, and storage requirements
  • Working out Visa eligibility – Businesses cannot expect to do well without the right kind of human assets. An investor, businessman, or entrepreneur who intends for company formation in UAE Free Zone needs to hire the right kind of resources and this will necessitate processing of visas. The number of visas is determined by various factors, including the size of the office, and actual business activities. The standing of the investor or employer will also be taken into account by the authorities while processing visas to prevent human trafficking
Arab Business Consultant – Company Formation in UAE Free Zones

We, at Arab Business Consultant have emerged as one of the most trusted and reliable agencies for businesses intending to establish offices in Dubai.

  • Our handholding commences from the project inception stage right through to completion and beyond, as we continue to help businesses flourish.
  • Picking the most suitable UAE free zone for company setup – An entity who wishes to operate a company with complete freedom without restrictions of taxes and sponsorship must pick a free zone in the UAE. It is important to note that the free zone location must suit your nature of business activities so that no difficulties are encountered in terms of route access, import, exports, and other related aspects. The location of free zone must provide an ideal environment for the business in terms of tenancy contract and infrastructural requirements such as office space, networking, communication, and storage
  • Our expertise in handling the bureaucratic requirements and in fulfilling all the mandatory obligations of Free Zone authorities has made us a preferred choice for businesses who intend for company setup in UAE free zone.
  • Working out Visa eligibility – No business can play well in the market if it is not empowered with the right kind of human asset. So, for those who are dreaming for company formation in UAE free zones, Arab Business Consultant is always ready to provide full assistance in realizing that dream by helping them with UAE visa processing. The number of visas you can avail depend on different factors such as the size of the office and actual business activities. Besides, authorities will also look for the standing of the investors or employers to ensure no human trafficking is being practiced.
  • Our team of experts assist businesses to meet all requirements, legally, helping foresee issues, permitting businesses to have appropriate plans in place.
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