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Arab Business Consultant is the leading consultancy that offers hassle-free visa services in Dubai, UAE. We assist our clients in applying, processing, and collecting visas for all the employees being hired from other countries. In short, we provide assistance throughout the UAE employee visa processing.

Entrepreneurs’ Checklist for Employees Visa Processing

Establishing a company comes with its own share of tasks that need to be completed on time. Employees count among the most important assets for a business. It is necessary for an entrepreneur, who establishes an overseas entity in Dubai, to make the right kind of arrangements for processing UAE Visa of every employee. A delay or any attempt to cut corners or costs may actually adversely impact the plans of the company.

Here are the processes involved in applying for UAE visas:

#1 Online system registration

The UAE adopts and implements technology and solutions faster than most nations. UAE Visa processing is now online which dispenses with the need for tedious paperwork. This also eliminates delays. Any business that needs visas, requires to get registered for E-Channel services. This involves a registration fee and a refundable deposit.

#2 Entry permit application

Individuals desirous of availing a visa need to apply for an entry permit. On receipt of the entry permit, which is valid for 60 days, the individual will have to opt for a change in the status of the visa. The entry permit, which is effectively a temporary employment visa in nature, will typically be processed within a period of 15 days.

#3 Change of status

Employment visas need to be changed or activated to receive the full visa. Also known as status adjustment or status change, it is typically changed through a process wherein the passport is stamped by Immigration as activated. This can be achieved by the user within the UAE, or by exiting and entering the UAE, though the best option is to get the employees to get it done within the UAE.

#4. ID and medical fitness

An Emirates ID card is necessary for availing any services and this is issued post medical checks. The medical tests are basically a series of blood tests and chest x-rays that are intended to screen visa holders for evidence of infectious diseases. On completion of medical tests, the reports are to be submitted to the ID authority who will issue the Emirates ID card after capture of biometrics. The Emirates ID card is valid for a period of 3 years and is mandatory for most requirements within the UAE.

#5 Stamping of visa

The affixing of a visa sticker or visa stamping is the last stage in the completion of formalities. This requires submission of passports to the immigration authority who will either affix the sticker or stamp on the passport. This process typically takes around two weeks, and during this period the individual will not be permitted to leave the UAE.

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