Get Your Investor Visa in UAE

If you are planning to establish a mainland company in Dubai? After completing all your business setup process Arab Business Consultant will help you to get your investor visa in UAE.

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What is an Investor Visa in UAE?

A UAE investor visa is also known as a partner visa which is an attractive choice for investors planning to invest in the exciting business environment of the UAE.

This visa allows business owners to work, reside, and sponsor their families in the UAE.

Types of Investor Visa in UAE

You can get an investor visa in UAE for 2-year terms, 5-year terms, and 10-year terms. Arab Business Consultant will help you get any type of visa in UAE according to your business needs and goals.

Investor Visa for 2-Year Term

We will help you get your 2-year investor visa in Dubai, allowing investors to live in the UAE for 2 years. This kind of visa is granted to entrepreneurs who invest at least 15,500* to AED 25,500* in Dubai to start a business. This long-term visa visa can be renewable for an additional 2 years if the business owner maintains their investments.

Investor Visa for 5-Year Term

Foreign entrepreneurs who make hefty investments in real estate in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE are eligible to get this category of investor visa. For obtaining a 5-year investor visa the investment amount should be AED 5 million and the real estate investors have to maintain this investment for 3 years.

Investor Visa for 10-Year Term

Entrepreneurs who have an investment plan for a minimum of 10 million AED in the public sector get their golden visa in UAE. The candidate can also be a partner with an existing company to get their long-term residence visas in UAE, showing that they have a minimum of 10 million AED worth of shares in the company.

Dubai Investor Visa: Eligibility Criteria

According to Dubai investor visa rules, entrepreneurs need to meet some specific eligibility criteria. It includes:

Applicant needs to invest in existing company shares with a minimum value of 10 million AED

Development of a new corporation with a capital investment of 10 million AED

The investor must have the following list of documents:

  • Original passport copy
  • Immigration Establishment Card
  • Bank statements for the last 6 months
  • Memorandum of Association (MoA)
  • Copy of Trade Licence Dubai
  • Photograph of a white background
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How to Get an Investor Visa in UAE?

If you are struggling to get your investor visa, firstly you need to contact Arab Business Consultant to get your visa easily.
Getting a Dubai investor visa includes this application process, where we will provide you with expert guidance and support.

Apply online for an entry permit
Register for your investor visa at the GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs)
Medical Examination: Go to a government health center to get your medical fitness test
Provide a bank statement
Submit a letter of no objection from your bank
Arab Business Consultant Simplifies Visa Process

Arab Business Consultant is a team of expert business setup consultants in UAE (United Arab Emirates) who will simplify your visa processing to get your investor visa in UAE.

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