All You Need to Know About the Dubai Free Zone Visa

Bearing in mind that many people from around the globe choose Dubai as their place of work and many more aim to forge a lucrative career or business path in this largest and most populous city of the UAE; the subject of the sought-after Dubai free zone visa is worth exploring. This article aims to understand free zones in Dubai and visa requirement for residency within these free zones. Read further to know more on the subject.

Dubai Free Zones
Free zones in Dubai have designated business hubs within the city for the benefit of expatriate investors. Within these zones, expatriate investors enjoy tax and custom duty concessions. This setup is proven to be conducive for foreign investors in Dubai and for the UAE itself. Under this setup, foreign investors enjoy multiple other benefits including but not limited to 100% ownership of property within the free zone, the ability to setup a Dubai bank account, business confidentiality and so much more.

Bearing these factors in mind; it is only natural that free zones are hotspots for expatriate residency and as such residency within these free zones requires a special visa.

Special Visa Requirements for Dubai Free Zones
In total, there are more than 30 operational free zones in Dubai. As these zones are economic hubs, they are also the preferred places of residency for expatriates and migrant workers. Within these free zones, special visas are issued by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs in the UAE. These visas are acquired through one of the multiple ways.

A company operating within a Dubai free zone may choose to enter into a contract with a migrant worker from abroad. This contract then serves as the basis for which the Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs in the UAE issues a Dubai free zone visa for the migrant worker who then works and resides within said free zone. This is the most common means of acquiring a free zone visa that allows for residency and career occupation within a Dubai free zone.

It must be noted though, that a free zone visa is very different than an onshore visa. An individual with a free zone visa is not allowed to work outside a free zone as this individual does that have access to a full UAE labor contract.

Investor Free Zone Visas
An interest in working in the UAE may be followed by the application for a free zone visa. In such circumstances, individuals may choose to apply for residency under conditions that apply to…

  • Investors
  • Employees

Both employment and investor visa holders may opt to apply for visas for residency for family members and dependents such as one’s spouse, children, parents and personal staff.

Dubai Free Zone Visa Assistance 
In many cases, investors choose to take advantage of the expertise of Dubai based business consultants during the free zone visa applications process. This process is complicated and requires in-depth knowledge of UAE residency laws alongside skillsets that encompass lobbying and documentation processing. Arab Business Consultant is one such firm in the UAE known for its expertise in facilitating the Dubai free zone visa applications and approvals process.