Ajman freezone

Ajman freezone is the free trading zone located in Ajman, UAE which was first established in 188. It is one of the most attractive and oldest freezone in the UAE is Ajman Freezone. It is just 40 minutes away from Dubai.

Its various factors make it the best location for doing your business set up in Ajman such as strategic locations near the airport and the seaport as it uplifts the efficacy of company performance to ease the process of exporting and importing of products.
This Ajman freezone gives government and banking services and provides platforms for forming your business digitally. It gives fruitful opportunities, easy access to requirements, and tailored packages to meet to meet your business requirements.

Benefits of Ajman freezone company setup

Here are the advantages of setting up your company in Ajman freezone.

Strategic location

Efficacious incorporating

Extraordinary infrastructure

100% foreign ownership

Various visa options

Ideal for different business activities

Less government interferenc

Low operating cost

Why choose Arab Business Consultant for your business setup in Ajman freezone

We the Arab Business Consultant have an in-depth cultural understanding, language proficiency, networks with locals, legal expertise, and customized solutions for your business. We are one of the prominent business consultants and we aim to guide you throughout your business journey and to give you a seamless process. To enhance your business success with Arab Business Consultant.

Visa processing

Bank account opening

Local sponsor in UAE

License renewal in UAE

VAT Registration Services UAE

PRO services in Dubai, UAE

The process of getting Ajman free zone license

Below you will find the crucial steps for setting up your business in the Ajman freezone company.


outline your business activity

The first and foremost step is to select your Ajman free zone business activities or activity.


Select your company name

The next step is to determine a unique and relevant company name for your Ajman freezone company setup and ensure that your company name abides by all the rules and regulations of Ajman freezone.


make your application for the Ajman Free Zone Trade Licence

To establish your business in Ajman freezone you need to fill out the application form. According to the different types of business you choose the process does differ. As there is a branch of a foreign and local company, a Free Zone Entity (FZE), or Free Zone Company (FZC)


apply for visas

Once your license is secure you can now apply for visas. The number of visas for which you can apply depends on the size of your business and your selected license package


open a corporate bank account

The final and last step is to open your business corporate bank account to operate the financial transactions of your business.

Documents needed according to the type of companies in Ajman freezone

Types of companies in Ajman freezone and the necessary documents that it requires for doing your business setup are mentioned as follows:

Free Zone Establishment (FZE)
  • Passport copies that have 6-month validity
  • If the applicant lives in UAE then the sponsor will give a letter of no objection
  • Visa or UID
  • Colored photos
Free Zone Company (FZC)
  • Passport copies of every shareholder with 6-month validity
  • UID or visa copies
  • Colored photos of the partners
  • If the applicant lives in UAE then the sponsor will give a letter of no objection
  • Passport copies of the firm manager with its 6-month validity
  • Colored photos of the firm manager
  • UID or manager visa
  • Board resolution copy
  • Copies of MOA and trade license
Get your business setup done seamlessly in Ajman Freezone

We the Arab Business consultant will guide you from the start of the process to the end requirements for your business setup in the Ajman free zone. We will aid you in choosing the right business structure, and all your documentation, facilitating government approvals, providing you with local market insight, and managing your banking and financial matters. We aim to provide you with continuous support.