What is the Pakistan power of attorney attestation?

Power of Attorney (POA) attestation is a legal permission that gives the agent the power to act in place of the principal individual. The agent might be given a limited or broader authority in deciding regarding finances, property, medical care, or investments.

Pakistan Power of Attorney Attestation Procedure For UAE
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Step 2:- Approval

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Step 3:- Enotarization

After the approval, we work as a notary public, therefore, we will help you with the notarization of your complete POA. You will receive your notarized POA in your email.

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Pakistan Power of Attorney Attestation in Dubai Procedure

The Power of Attorney document legalization process is a lengthy process. You should carefully carry out each process until you get the final attestation/ legalisation of the documents from the UAE embassy. The key steps you need to follow are as follows:


Chamber of Commerce Attestation Process

The Chamber of Commerce is an authority of the local businessmen and getting verification from this authority is the first step for legalizing the commercial documents. Commercial documents are the proof that your entrepreneurship is legal. This legalization of commercial documents aids in approving the same.


MEA Stamp

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is the final level of legalization from the home government and further an MEA attestation stamp should be put on your Pakistan document. MEA is the core authorization that deals with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country.


Embassy Attestation of document

This is done by the personnel of the concerned country so the documents have been certified. It is the final step for certification for most of the countries after the Ministry of External Affairs.

Types of power of attorney services

Property POA

We Arab Business Consultant knows and understand the importance of power of attorney for the attestation of documents. This POA is necessary for securing a deal in property transactions. That is the reason that will assist the agents, property owners, and developers in their easy issuing of Power of Attorney (POA) for their UAE property matter

General POA

It is a legal document that permits you to nominate more than one person or individual. These entities or individuals are the one who gets the authority to act on your behalf in any business, legal, or financial matters. A general Power of Attorney document provides your agent the authority to do anything if you are not physically present like being involved in contracts, selling and buying assets, receiving money, forming and managing companies, etc in your name.

Vehicle POA

We will help you in issuing you the vehicle Power of Attorney (POA). A Power of Attorney for vehicle export permits you to nominate another person to export your vehicle on your behalf.

Family POA

This family POA will assist you in making your trip hassle-free in the cases if you would be traveling with your child but in the absence of a spouse or if your child might be traveling along with adults such as among their grandparents, family members, or teacher. This POA will aid you in authorizing any adult or spouse to accompany or look after your child on your behalf.

Business POA

If you have done your business setup in UAE and in your business days if you need your business POA we can provide you with numerous kinds of Power of Attorney as follows:

  1. Company management
  2. Company shares
  3. General manager POA
  4. Court representation POA
  5. Company formation
  6. Company vehicle POA
  7. Value Added Tax (VAT)
  8. POA for company bank account
  9. Partner POA

Documents Required For Pakistan Power of Attorney Attestation For UAE

Here you will get to know about the crucial original document for authentication you need to submit for Pakistan Power Of Attorney Attestation for the UAE as follows:

  • Original Power Of Attorney/ affidavit along with the duplicate copy to be signed in the presence of the consular office.
  • Original passport and photocopy of the first five pages having the current valid resident visa.

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We aim to guide you and help you from the first step to be there throughout the process. Our certificate attestation service providers draft the Pakistan Power of Attorney Attestation, arrange for notarization, and navigate you through the legal formalities.

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We take proper time to understand the specific situation and aim. This permits us to make your POA that correctly matches your intention. You will get the best consular service from our end.

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We hold the latest legal knowledge, requirements, and regulations. This ensures that your POA document and application form comply with current laws and prevent the risk of any legal issues further.

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We pay attention to each detail of the draft and POA documents for attestation and ensure accuracy and completeness.

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We have streamlined the process of forming a POA, making it easier and hassle-free for you.