How to Get a Freezone Visa in Dubai?

Dubai is rightfully known as the land of opportunities and a messiah for the profit gazers that spree to find money out of the scorn desert. Globalization isn’t a new hype, but Dubai has witnessed globalization in the most astounding way. Especially the Freezone has seen an astonishing hike in the commercial as well as the residential front in the past few years.

Dubai hosts more than 45 Freezones and seven emirates. It is also well known that Dubai has three areas of jurisdiction through which an individual can form a business. These are free zone, mainland and offshore. A lot of blooming entrepreneurs, as well as corporate giants, are in favour of Freezone because the zone offers no compulsion of a local sponsor.
What are the benefits of UAE Freezone Visa?

To be very specific, the UAE Freezone Visa is simply your ticket to success. There are many advantages to getting a Freezone visa. Some of these are enlisted below:

  • You get the privilege to have a 100% free national ownership that, too, with no local affiliation.
  • If you get a Freezone visa, then you also get the luxury to get exempted from import, export, and personal taxes.
  • You also get the opportunity to be exempted from the corporate taxes for a limited period of time with the alternative of renewal by your side.
  • With a visa for Freezone, you also get repatriation on your business profits and capitals.
  • Last but not least, you will also have the availability of long term leasing options that will last for a maximum tenure of 25 years.

Steps to get a UAE Freezone Visa

Getting your very own UAE freezone visa for your business isn’t that complicated. For one, you need to know that the Visa is issued by the GDFRA, and secondly, the process is much more straightforward. But you also need to keep in mind that the free zone visas don’t strictly allow the individuals to work outside offshores. Here are some steps that may lead you through the Visa sanctioning process. Go through it!

  • Firstly you have to register for the E-channel Services through the help of an agent or by any authorized typing centre.
  • Apply for employment Visa once you get registered for the E-channel Visa. This Visa is valid for 60 days and is also known as an entry permit.
  • The next step is a status adjustment that you can do in and out of the country, ordering the border run.
  • Then go for a medical test and register for an Emirate ID and finally go for the residence Visa Stamping. Voila! You get your Visa.

Grow your business in the free zone
Business owners are now no more crippled with their efforts to start a business with their Freezone Visa. Besides that, if any individual also wishes to get their Visa for the Freezone, then they can get it according to their eligibility and freewill. So are you planning to set up your business in Dubai and are looking for the Freezone Visa? If yes, then Arab Business Consultant can always help you with their proficient expertise and skills. Go for the experts, and your Visa will be no more a headache.