UAE: Dream of Having Air Taxi in UAE Is Turning into Reality

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Air Taxi in UAE

The dream of UAE residents and tourists to fly in an air taxi in UAE is soon going to turning into reality. 

In 2025, the US-based Archer Aviation’s Midnight aircraft will start as a flying taxi in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is successfully completing the speed of flying over 360 kilometres/ hour. 

Currently, Midnight aircraft is testing runs in the US. once it will complete the  Archer Aviation will will set up Midnight manufacturing facilities in United Arab Emirates (UAE) in cooperation with the Adio (Abu Dhabi Investment Office) and also establishing an international head office in the Emirate. 

 Dr Geoff Bower, chief engineer at Archer said “ it is a tremendous engineering feat to successfully complete the  transition from hover to wing-borne flight along with a full-scale eVTOL aircraft that only few companies in the world have achieved.” 

 He said in my entire career, I have built and flown more than 7  eVTOL aircraft, they have gotten continuously larger as we pursued payloads, making the aircraft platform commercially viable. 

Midnight will be the largest eVTOL aircraft ever that will achieve  transition and it is the first with the purpose to carry passengers, operating an efficient air taxi business. 

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