UAE Investment Opportunities

UAE Investment Opportunities


Dubai is popular across the world as the ‘City of Opportunity.’  It offers amazing facilities that are at par with the best in the world, if not better. For example, Dubai has been ranked 1st for airport connections to business districts as well as the 5th most affordable business city. According to reports, Dubai ranks at the top for lowest corporate tax rate globally, finishes 10th in the cost of living index. The country also ranks 17th in the cost of business occupancy. So, what are the UAE Investment Opportunities, if you are looking to start a small business? In the following post, we are going to look at the top 10 UAE Investment Opportunities in Dubai.

UAE Investment Opportunities – The Background

Dubai’s economy was initially built on the oil industry. However, things have changed now. Today, revenue from petroleum and natural gas currently account for less than 2% of UAE’s GDP. Today, UAE has diversified a lot, focusing on tourism and real estate as well as IT, Media and Financial Services. The city of Dubai has developed as a hub for service industries such as IT and finance, especially with the new Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

The UAE is also working towards creating new sustainable and competitive economic models and also adopting more flexible approaches that boost cooperation between the public and private sector. Be it in Dubai or outside of the state, there are a number of UAE investment opportunities for big businesses as well as small businesses.

UAE Investment Opportunities – The Cost of Starting a Business

When you are looking for UAE Investment Opportunities, it is important that you look at the cost of starting a business. The following chart gives the details of the costs that you would incur when you are running a business in UAE.

                     Procedure    Time taken                Cost
Reservation of a company name and Applying for registration at the Department of Economic Development (DED)     1 day AED 110 for initial approval + AED 210 for name reservation
Notarizing the company’s Memorandum of Association at DED       1 day 0.25% of the capital (for 3 copies of the Memorandum of Association), AED 5 for each page of the additional copy
Filing company documents with the Department for Economic Development (DED)

Obtaining trade license and Registering for membership at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI)

     3 days
Applying for the establishment card at the Ministry of Labor       1 day AED 2,000
Registering native workers with the Ministry of Labor       1 day No charge
Registering native workers with the General Authority for Pension and Social Security      1 day No charge


Let us now take a look the top UAE investment opportunities that you can start with relatively small capital.

  1. eCommerce

eCommerce is the most rapidly emerging sector for investments and hence it is one of the best UAE investment opportunities. The tendency of the people to buy online and the increasing spending capacity are the reason behind eCommerce growth.

  1. Bookkeeping

This is one of the most profitable home-based business ideas in Dubai. So, if you are looking for UAE investment opportunities that would allow you to start from home, then this is the right choice for you. If you are an expert in this field, you can start this business with almost no capital investment.

  1. Education

Education industry is another booming sector not only in Dubai, but in the entire UAE. Apart from traditional areas, management institutes in different industries like hotel and hospitality are doing very well.  This might need a good deal of investment but it is one of the best UAE investment opportunities as it gives you a good return as well

  1. Consulting

Consulting is one of the most profitable UAE investment opportunities in Dubai for subject matter experts. According to your knowledge and experience, and the area of expertise, you can start any of consulting business even from home.

  1. Advertising

Dubai is a potentially lucrative market for advertising professionals.  The demand is huge and that makes it one of the best UAE investment opportunities. You can offer different advertising service from home. As the business grows, you can come up with a full-fledged establishment.

  1. Computer Related Businesses

Computer is an essential item for each and every small and big business. In this current IT era, computer-related businesses have shown increasing growth in Dubai. You can start a business with small startup capital.

  1. Apparel

Dubai is famous for fashion apparels. It is one of the most popular destinations for shoppers. Apparel is a lucrative field to invest in the United Arab Emirates.

  1. Beauty

The Beauty and health care industry is currently booming in the United Arab Emirates. This is one of the best UAE investment opportunities in Dubai. Spas, salons and retail outlets are the most profitable areas to invest in.

  1. Automobile 

Transportation as a sector is highly integrated with Dubai’s growth. Starting a business in the automobile industry is a good proposition for entrepreneurs looking for high growth. Different franchise opportunities are also available in the UAE.

  1. Arts & Crafts Making

If you have a creative mind and looking for home-based UAE investment opportunities, then arts and crafts industry is right for you. You can also sell your product globally from online marketplaces as well.

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