UAE Visa Services Dubai

Why it is Necessary to Use a Reliable Agency for UAE Visa Services Dubai

A company that establishes presence in Dubai needs to bring in employees and entrepreneurs need residency visas. To accomplish all these activities it is necessary to use the services of a reliable agency. There are multiple reasons that mandate the need for picking the right agency. The success of a business hinges to great extent on the employees and it is therefore necessary to ensure that the process is smooth and without hassles. Here are a few important aspects that need to be borne in mind by a company that needs UAE visa services Dubai.

Employees need to be in possession of a residency visa and a work permit

A company that is desirous of bringing in employees to work in Dubai needs to ensure that the employees are in possession of a residency visa and a work permit. Generally referred to as a labour card, the work permit, allows the individual to be gainfully employed.

Four categories of entitlement for grant of visa

A residency visa in the UAE is typically granted to one of four different categories of individuals. The first is after a business is formed in the UAE, the second is after the individual acquires the status of a shareholder in a company in Dubai, the third is when the individual is in possession of real estate in UAE and the fourth is when the individual is employed by a company in Dubai.  Investor visas fall into a separate category when individuals are sponsored by a UAE national. This permits the investor to oversee business operations in the UAE. The different categories of entitlement to a visa has different requirements in terms of payment of visa fee and the department where the fee is to be remitted.

Costs towards visas without agency fees

The costs towards visas without the inclusion of agency fees is typically between 2600 to 3000 dollars. It is important to understand that the presence of individuals is required for a certain period of time for extension of residency visas.  The use of an agency to handle the formalities barring the physical presence of the individual actually works to the advantage of a business or individual. The time spent in trying to complete the formalities can actually be used gainfully in focusing on core activities. Rather than spending time on completing formalities, it would be a prudent option to use the services of an expert for a reasonable fee and use the time for productive activities.

General rules for grant of visa

There are rules regarding the quota for number of employees for any business entity. This is in fact tagged to the actual space occupied by a business in a free zone. For instance, in most free zone areas, the quota is one employee per 10 square meter of area in a free zone authority. It needs to be remembered that offshore companies will not be eligible to seek employee visas as the structure of the entity is different from that of an entity in a free zone authority.