What is Emirates ID Typing in Dubai? – A Complete Guide

In order to make things as simple as possible, all the residents of UAE are provided with an Emirates Identity card. This card is a personal database of all the citizens of UAE and people are required to carry it with them always. These cards are provided to all the applicants by Emirates Identification Authority or EIDA. This card offers a lot of benefits as you do not have to carry any sort of other identification documents if you have this with you.

What are the benefits of Emirates ID typing in Dubai?
As we mentioned earlier that one of the benefits of this ID card is that you are not required to carry any sort of identity proof with you when you have it. But there are several more which are mentioned as follows:

  • A person can use this card to perform transactions regarding the payment of bills for Internet and other cellular expenses.
  • Any sort of fines, registration fee, utility bills etc. can also be paid off by this card
  • Emirates ID has replaced the need to carry a Health insurance card
  • Soon, these cards will allow the user to use it as a driving license and debit card too.

What is the procedure to get an Emirates ID?
Emirates ID typing offices in Dubai prepare these cards for all the applicants who have applied for it. So, if you too are looking forward to apply for this Identity card then you need to follow the mentioned steps:

  1. Application: First of all, you are required to apply for this ID card which you can do by filling the Application form. For this, both online, as well as offline facilities, are available. So, an applicant can either visit the official web portal of EIDA or they can simply receive Tas’heel services from any of the approved Emirates ID typing offices.
  1. Visit EIDA Centre: After the form is submitted, the applicant receives a message which includes the time and date when they are required to present themselves at the EIDA branch mentioned in the message. On the designated date, photo, fingerprints and required documents of the applicant will be taken and they will be provided with a receipt. This receipt holds a great deal of importance as you will be asked to present it at the time of collecting card.
  1. Collection of the ID card: Once the documents are verified and processed, the Emirates ID card will be issued and it will be sent to the local post office. The applicant can track the status of its arrival online, also, they will be notified with a message. They are required to collect the Card in 90 days after its arrival, otherwise, it will be returned back to EIDA and you will need to apply for it again.

Documents required for Application
Following is the list of documents that you are required to present at the time of photo and fingerprint collection in Emirates ID typing office.

  • For UAE Nationals
    • Family Book
    • Valid Passport
  • For UAE Residents
    • Passport
    • Visa / Work Permit
  • Emirates ID Application

What is the Application fee for Dubai Emirates ID typing?
This ID card comes with a validity of 1 year and the application as well as renewal fee of this card is 100 AED which the applicant is required to pay with the application form.