Dubai Employment Visa

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Things to Know About the Dubai Employment Visa

A Dubai employment visa is a gateway towards gathering work experience in Dubai.  Dubai has a booming economy and that is why a number of companies from all over the world are coming to Dubai. Working in Dubai also exposes you to international work culture. A large number of companies in Dubai focus on international recruiting, as they help a business entity grow with multi-culture and multi-ideas under a single platform. In this article, we would take a look at Dubai Employment Visa.

A Dubai Employment Visa is required for every employee who is coming from outside of the UAE. Dubai Employment Visa is issued by the Ministry of Labour for duration of 2 years. It is the employer who initiates the visa process by fulfilling the Dubai employment visa documents as required by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA). Upon completion of the process, you will be issued a Dubai employment visa along with a residence visa and a work permit.

Dubai Employment Visa Process

The Dubai employment visa process can be done through both the online and offline mode. The MOL is looking towards introducing a website which would help in the Dubai employment visa process at a fast pace.

If you want to apply for Dubai employment visa through the offline mode, then you need to submit documents are to be submitted at the typing centre or a service centre that is authorized by GDRPA. Once these are submitted, you can keep a track of the visa status. This can be done through an online portal, or with the help of the employee’s passport number.

How to Check Dubai Employment Visa Status?

To get the idea about the status of the Dubai employment visa, you can get the status details through the online process by visiting the official GDRFA website and submit the necessary details.

How to Check Dubai Employment Visa Status with a Passport Number?

To check on the Dubai employment visa status you need to visit the official website of the country and enter the employee passport number and click on ‘Submit’.

Apart from getting a Dubai employment visa, you would also need the work permit as it provides the authority to the employee to work in UAE. The normal processing time for Dubai work permit is almost 10-15 days.

How to Obtain a Work Permit in Dubai?

To get a Work permit, you would need to get the following process:

  1. Visa Quota Approval from Ministry of Labour
  2. The signing of the offer letter
  3. Receiving a work approval permit from the Ministry of Labour
  4. Obtaining employment entry visa and going through a medical test
  5. Receiving the Emirates ID and submitting labor contract
  6. Obtaining the receipt of a work permit

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