Dubai Work Visa

dubai work visa

Dubai Work Visa

The Guide to Getting a Dubai Work Visa

If you desire to live and work in Dubai, then you need to apply for Dubai Work Visa. If you are from the United States or certain countries with a valid passport, and have a confirmed round-trip airline tickets, then you can visit the largest city in the United Arab Emirates and stay there for up to one month without a visa.  However, you are looking to live and work in Dubai you will need a Dubai work visa. Dubai has more expatriates than UAE citizens. This is because the process for obtaining a Dubai work visa is relatively simple. Here, we are talking about some of the things that you should know when you are applying for Dubai Work Visa.

Things You Will Need for Dubai Work Visa

For a Dubai work visa, you would need to have a few things. Two of the most important things that you would need are a valid passport and a job offer from a company in Dubai. Your employer will help you in submitting required documents for your temporary work permit, as well as Dubai Work Visa. The temporary work permit would allow you to work in Dubai while your Dubai Job Visa is being processed.

Apply for a Job in Dubai

To get a Dubai work visa, you need to have a job offer from a business in the UAE. Whether you are transferring from your home country to your company’s office in Dubai or getting a new job with a new employer, you need to have an employment in Dubai. The employer would practically act as your sponsor for Dubai Work Visa. In most cases, it is recommended that secure a job before moving to Dubai. However, you can also fly to Dubai and look for a job there. In fact, a lot of people actually do that.

Begin the Dubai Work Visa Process

Once you’ve secured a job in Dubai and accepted a position, it is up to your employer is to submit the initial paperwork to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) to begin the process of getting the Dubai Work Visa Process. According to the laws, your employer needs to pay all the fees associated with the Dubai work visa process. In most cases, the initial stages of the UAE work visa process would take about two to three weeks.  After all that is done, the MoHRE will then send you a two-month work permit that would allow to enter to the country.

Paperwork for Dubai Work Visa

Now that you have your two-month work permit in hand, you can begin the process of preparing the necessary paperwork for your Dubai work visa. The list of required documents is always changing. So, you must check with the official notification for current requirements. Usually, the list includes the following:

  • A completed application,
  • A Valid passport with a minimum validity of six months,
  • Multiple passport-size photos,
  • Copies of your employment contract,
  • Certificate of educational qualification,
  • Your employer’s trade license and
  • Your two-month work permit.

To get a Dubai Work Visa, all foreign applicants need to go to a local hospital for a through medical examination and getting a health certificate.

Submit Your Paperwork

Once you have readied your paperwork for your Dubai work visa, your employer would help you send the documents to the office of the Ministry of Labor in Dubai. The authorities would review, approve and issue your Dubai work visa.

When you leave the UAE, it is important that employer cancels your visa. You can be arrested if you return to the country in the future for work or even travel, if you haven’t canceled your Dubai work visa in the first time. Get the help from Arab Business Consultant as they would help you in dealing with all the paperwork, whether you are a job applicant or a company willing to recruit a foreigner. Get the help that you need and simplify the process