Step-by-Step Guide to Trade License Renewal Dubai

If you choose to start your own business in Dubai, you must obtain a valid trade license first. It’s a legal document that permits any individual/organisation to set up a business base in Dubai. Once you secure this permit, you’re legally authorised to carry out any commercial activity in the city.

However, Dubai law requires every business to renew its trade license for Dubai every year, failing which all commercial activities carried out by the company would be considered illegal and prohibited. We’ve tried to enlist a step-by-step procedure on how to go about trade license renewal Dubai.

Though the procedure explained below is quite clear and easy to implement on your own, you may choose to avail of the services of an expert consultant who can perform this task faster and with perfection. Arab Business Consultant or ABC is one such professional consultancy offering services to clients for obtaining as well as renewing trade licenses in Dubai.

How to Renew your Dubai Trade License?
You’d first need to prepare the following documents for submission to facilitate the trade license renewal Dubai process:

  • A typed BR/1 form
  • Ejari Registration Certification
  • Photocopy of the tenancy contract, if applicable
  • Photocopy of the trade license currently in use
  • Photocopies of the passports of all business partners involved

We can help you compile and submit all the above documents to the concerned department for initiating your trade license renewal Dubai. The next step is to follow the steps listed below carefully.

Steps to Renew your Trade License in Dubai
Step 1: Show a valid tenancy contract – You must possess your company’s tenancy contract which has a validity of at least one month. The contract should also be attested by Ejari. Please note that in case the contract does not fulfill the one-month validity criteria, the license cannot be applied for renewal.

Step 2: Apply for license renewal – You need to submit an application for renewal of your Dubai trade license. This application would be submitted along with all the documents mentioned earlier in this post. There are several mediums available for applying, such as e-services, mobile app, registered law firm, or authorised trade license service centers.

Step 3: Initiate payment – Upon submission of application, the applicant would be issued a payment voucher. Once you initiate the payment, you will immediately receive your renewed trade license from the department.

We’d be only too happy to assist you in all of the three steps detailed above for trade license renewal Dubai. You may contact any of our expert professionals for addressing any concerns/queries on this matter. Right from submission of application and documents, to choosing a suitable channel for license renewal processing, our expert team would guide you to make things simpler and faster for you.

Summing Up
Trade license renewal in Dubai is a mandatory procedure that needs to be followed by every business setup in the city. Choose us to be your reliable partner in easing out the whole process for you.