UAE Residence Visa Renewal

uae residence visa renewal

Procedure of UAE Residence Visa Renewal


The Unite Arab Emirates has become a centre of attraction for expats from all around the globe. People prefer to settle in this cosmopolitan country because of its lavish life style, high standards of education and vast career opportunities. Generally, your residence visa will be expired after 2 or 3 years while residing in UAE. Obviously your visa needs to be renewed. So, here is the detailed procedure that will help you to understand, how you can go through the process of UAE Residence Visa Renewal.

Documents required for visa renewal:

Below are the documents that are indispensable for UAE Residence Visa Renewal:

  • Application form is required from an authentic typing centre.
  • Original passport is a must have.
  • A medical report verified from an authorized clinic or hospital.
  • Passport size photograph and the background of the picture should be white.
  • Resident Identity card application form approved by the registration centre at Emirates Identity Authority Department.
  • Bank account number is mandatory.

On the other hand, if you are working in a private sector, you will be inquired about a couple of additional documents like:

  • A legal commercial or trade license
  • A labor card and if it is under renewal you can submit the receipt of card renewal too.
  • Original labor contract should be attached.
  • An official establishment card.


If you want a UAE Residence Visa Renewal for your spouse, then a different set of documents will be needed. Just remember one thing; it is quite easy for a husband to sponsor his wife as compared to the other way around. In this situation, these documents are required for UAE Residence Visa Renewal.

  • Valid original passport
  • Original marriage certificate will be required that should be verified by the issuing authority in your native country, the United Arab Emirates embassy in your home country and the Foreign Affairs department in Unite Arab Emirates.
  • Valid and original passport of the sponsor with the authentic visa page.
  • Original Emirates identity card and labor card is obligatory for free – zone and government sponsors.
  • A passport size picture with white background.
  • For government and free – zone workers, a salary certificate in Arabic is essential.
  • Verified medical test report from approved medical centre.
  • Health insurance card must be attached.
  • Emirates identity card or stamped receipt from the legal authority can also be attached.
  • Rental contract with the current paid electricity bill.


In case, your child’s residency visa is expired and you are looking for UAE Residence Visa Renewal, you will follow the same procedure.

When you have completed all the documents, go to the nearest typing centre at the immigration branches and request for a residency renewal.

How to submit the application form:

Few changes are made in the visa application and renewal process. In the past candidates used to visit the General Directorate of Residency or foreign affair headquarters to start the procedure of UAE Residence Visa Renewal. However after the recent amendments that government announced in the official process, people are no more bound to visit immigration department for visa renewal. Now, they can visit any authorized typing centre form or you can apply for it online through official website.

If you want to do it in person then visit the typing centre with important documents and complete application form and submit it to the one of the representatives. They will check your documents, your form will be filled online and after paying the fess, and you will receive a submission receipt. You will be notified after your application is approved via text message. Save this message as it assists you in further procedure.

Do not forget to mention correct phone number in your application form.

How much time is required for UAE Residence Visa Renewal?

There are two major categories for UAE Residence Visa Renewal.

  • Normal category
  • Urgent category

Time limit in normal category:

The most important question that everybody asks is: what is the time limit for UAE Residence Visa Renewal? The answer is very simple, the entire process should be completed within a week or two from the day you submitted your application, but this is the time requirement if you are applying under normal category.


For a normal category application, mention the Airway Bill number you get through SMS on the submission receipt and take it with your original passport to the nearest Zajel office in your locality. They will send your passport to the immigration department through courier service. You can collect your passport from the same place after two working days.

Urgent Category:

On the other hand, it is possible to accelerate the UAE Residence Visa Renewal process by paying an extra amount of about AED 100 under urgent category. In this case, once you get the SMS, take your passport with the submission receipt to the closest immigration office and ask for your visa stamped without any delay. There is a facility of 24 hour service at the Terminal 3 Immigration Counter at the airport too.

What are the fees for UAE Residence Visa Renewal?

A UAE Residence Visa Renewal fee is to be paid at the authorized typing centre. Typing charges are not included in visa fees.

If you are renewing your visa for 2 years, charges will be:

For normal category: AED 310

For urgent category: AED 410.

UAE Residence Visa Renewal fee for three years will be:

For normal category: AED 410.

For urgent category: AED 510

Medical charges are not included in this fee package, which might range between AED 270 to AED 700.

Different medical centers are available throughout UAE for running medical examination for residence visa.


This is a standard procedure for UAE Residence Visa Renewal mentioned in detail above for all the expats who want to renew their residence visa so that they should not have to face penalties if their residence visa is expired and grace period also gets over.