Visiting UAE? Take a look at the UAE Visa Fees & the Regulations

Thinking of visiting Dubai? Well, you are not alone! Millions of people are heading for Dubai every year due to some reason or the other. This glorious place has everything from the rich culture, to delicious cuisine, luxurious resorts, scenic beauty, a booming economy, low UAE visa fees and even some of the best educational institutes. These are the reasons why so many people opt for Dubai when it comes to vacationing, business or even education! But it’s not as easily done as said. You can’t just buy a few tickets, book hotels and boom you are in the city of your dreams! To enter this beautiful place even for a few days, the most crucial thing that you require is a visa.

But there are multiple tourist visas available in Dubai. Which one should you apply for? Pretty confusing right? Here’s a quick glance at a few of the multiple types of tourist visas that you can apply for in this country along with the UAE visa fees!

Tourist visa
Not everyone intends to stay for a long time in Dubai. Even though there are many professionals, entrepreneurs, and students you will find millions of tourists applying for the tourist visa in Dubai. For these people, the government has designed the tourist visa that is meant for only 30 days. Though you need to pay UAE visa fees & the security deposit of USD 272, it is entirely refundable. The addition of taxes takes the amount to a total of USD 430 and you will get it within 4 days. In case of an emergency, you can apply for the express visa which will cost you around USD 453 and will be offered to you within 48hours.

The transit visa
This one will give you the right to visit the city for a total of 96hours within 30 days. Even though there is a limitation on the hours, the UAE visa fees & other related charges are quite low and if you are an entrepreneur who is visiting the city for a conference or meeting, then this can be a perfect setup for you. The refundable security that you must deposit along with the relevant taxes is USD 400. You can get this one on express too, with a total cost of USD 429. Even though the process is quite the same in case of all the visas, it is best to go for the reputed agencies that are experts in taking care of all kinds of Dubai visa issues.

Few crucial documents that you must have

  • Passport
  • Photographs
  • Residence proof

The High-Risk zones
In case you belong from any of the high-risk countries, it is best to take the assistance of the professionals as there might be few other documents that you will need, to apply for the visa. If you search the internet for UAE visa fees, you will find numerous such agencies that will provide you with highly efficient and impressive services and ensure you get your visa within the shortest period of time without spending much time or money. All you have to do is find the right one and you can get your visa without facing any hindrances at highly affordable prices!